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Choosing The Right Broadband Package

broadband-router When it comes to home broadband, finding the right provider and package for your household can sometimes be difficult, with so many different options to choose from.  To help you find the right package for your home, here are some of the main considerations you will have to keep in mind, including how you choose to connect to the internet, and how much data you will need each month.

Your Data Requirements

The type of internet user you are and your data requirements are two of the most important factors in choosing the right broadband package for your home. While usage will vary from household to household, there are rough guides in the industry to help you decide how much data you will need each month in order to meet your broadband needs.

If you live alone and your broadband use is limited to browsing the web and checking your emails then there is no point in shelling out for an unlimited data package as this will not be a cost-effective home broadband package for you. Instead, look for providers offering around 10GB of data per month, as this should be more than enough for those who only need internet access to browse the net and check their emails.

On-demand TV fans will need to look for packages that are a step up from this, as streaming will eat up far more data than browsing alone. Netflix bingers should allow for up to 30GB of data usage per month, and use that as a guide to choose the correct package for their data requirements.

Once you get into the realm of on-demand viewing, downloads and online gaming, you’re best off looking for home broadband packages that offer unlimited data, especially if you have multiple heavy users in one household.

How You Connect to the Internet

Whether you have a preference, or are restricted by where you live, how you connect to the internet has an impact on both your broadband speed and the packages available to you as internet providers cannot service every area. Because of this, it is worth checking which connection types are available in your area, before you start comparing different packages and broadband providers.

Connecting to the internet using a phone line is currently still the most popular way to access the internet. However, ADSL broadband means that you will have to pay for your broadband package, along with paying a line rental fee to BT, who owns the landline infrastructure in the UK. While the availability of ADSL broadband makes that is is a connection option in nearly every area, coverage can greatly vary.

In recent years, superfast fiber broadband has started to become a popular way to connect to the internet too. Promising much faster and more consistent speeds, if you live in an area where this is available, than it should be your top choice for a broadband package, especially if you are someone who is concerned about their internet speed.

While not yet as popular as the two ways of connecting mentioned above, you can also choose a broadband package that uses the mobile phone network to connect to the internet rather the fiber cables or a telephone line. Mobile broadband usually comes in the form of a small device that you set up using a SIM card. Once the device is up and running, you simply connect to it as a Wi-Fi network and you can begin browsing or watching your favorite TV show.