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Choosing The Best SaaS Data Protection Platform In 2022

Server Contemporary businesses do all they can to protect their sensitive data. Any leak of company info may cause serious reputational risks and lead to huge financial losses. Organizations can use various Software as a service (SaaS) data protection and recovery platforms to avoid data loss and corruption issues.

What Is SaaS Data Protection Software?

SaaS data security solutions are designed to preserve and store company data produced by SaaS products. It is fully licensed software that is not installed in the usual way since it is delivered to the customer via a cloud.

The Benefits of Using It

Online data security SaaS products are used by hundreds of companies worldwide. They provide businesses and individuals with numerous advantages, namely:

  • Integration of all SaaS products
  • Complete data restoration
  • Unlimited data storage on secure clouds
  • Full audit and management of any type of sensitive data
  • Protection from human mistakes, ransomware, and data leakage

Who Needs It

Private entrepreneurs and global businesses have an urgent need for a SaaS data protection platform. Hundreds of companies that consider data protection a vital issue have already migrated their Google Workspace and Salesforce suites to protected clouds.

Popular SaaS Data Security Solutions You Need to Check Out

virtual data room There are dozens of platforms that provide SaaS data preservation and recovery solutions. Here are 5 well-known platforms with highly dependable data security options you might want to consider using.


SpinOne is a well-recognized name in the SaaS data protection and management industry. The software was developed in 2016 by professional cybersecurity and IT experts.

Currently, more than 1,500 global companies and over 2,000,000 individual organizations use SpinOne solutions to protect their sensitive data. The software offers ransomware protection, downtime minimization, data leak and loss prevention, detection of insider threats, and other valuable features to fully protect and restore businesses’ data.

SpinOne solutions are integrated with Salesforce, Google Workplace, and Office 365. This cloud software can be checked out for free via a 15-days trial period.


  • Complete data encryption
  • Data copying to GCP, AWS, and Azure cloud storage services
  • Innovative ransomware protection
  • Apps security and assessment of possible risks
  • Data leak and loss prevention
  • Free trial
  • 24/7 instant support


  • Sensitive data may be at risk without a stable Internet connection

Spanning Backup

Spanning Backup was launched in 2010. Over 1,42 million customers use Spanning Backup. It completes over two billion backups weekly.


  • Protects from human mistakes
  • Prevents data loss
  • Salesforce backup and restoration
  • Stores data to secure clouds
  • Safeguards data in MSO 365


  • Additional tabs may open while using management console navigation


Datto is a leading provider of data protection for medium and small businesses. The SaaS data recovery software protects from complex data loss on servers and prevents data leakage.


  • Perfect features for remote control of client’s data
  • Protects and restores SaaS apps
  • Shares and synchronizes files securely
  • Safeguards data for Azure
  • Free trial version


  • Updates of the app may sometimes feel complicated

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

The Acronis platform helps safeguard customers’ sensitive data using innovative tools for cyber protection.


  • Free anti-malware protection
  • Data encryption
  • Full anti-ransomware shield
  • Reasonable service price based on cloud storage consumption
  • Allows storing backups using local networks, private/public clouds


  • Acronis Cloud could do with better performance


Backupify specializes in providing reliable SaaS data protection solutions for businesses. Over 40,000 organizations use its solutions for data safety and recovery. Backupify is an ideal option for Google Workplace.


  • Restores all data from MSO 365
  • Limitless cloud storage
  • Tough security of all data
  • Protects from ransomware
  • Free trial


  • System sometimes freezes when the Backupify software is updated

How to Choose the Best SaaS Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Platform

It is not easy to choose the best software for data protection given the wide number of options available. Here are some things to tick off the checklist when selecting a reliable SaaS data protection platform.


It is suspicious if any software for data protection is provided for free. Any reliable software is delivered on a paid-for basis. Most companies let you purchase a monthly subscription or pay for an annual subscription and get a discount.

Cross-Platform Integration

Any reliable SaaS data security platform always provides technology for cross-platform integration. It is an inevitable part of successful data protection and recovery across SaaS apps.

Data Recovery

Quick and 100% recovery of customers’ data is a vital indicator of a platform’s effectiveness. You should check all the data recovery options provided before signing up for any service.

Availability Of Free Trial

Any reputable developer always provides potential clients with the possibility to check out its product in a trial mode. Businessmen rarely buy a pig in a poke, and they want to try SaaS data recovery features by themselves. Thus, a trial period should be available for new customers.

Level Of Protection

A trustworthy SaaS data security solution should supply consumers with various levels of data security against any possible threats. A single level of protection is never enough.

Threat Detection

Trusted data protection platforms can detect viruses, malware, and other threats in seconds. They can quickly deal with all possible consequences of any cyberattacks.


Companies that wish to secure all their sensitive data actively use various SaaS data protection solutions. In 2022, the some of most popular ones are SpinOne, Datto, Spanning Backup, Acronis, and Backupify. You can check out their services they offer using a free trial period.