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Choosing A Good Screen Recorder: Key Things To Remember

Screen Recording Software Recording what’s happening on your screen can come in handy when you need to replay an important online meeting or a live-stream, or put up an instructional video on using an app.

The truth is, using a smartphone to record another screen, can make it look unprofessional and messy. You will need a reliable desktop solution, probably with lots of useful features.

To choose a screen recorder, you’ll want to be equipped with all the knowledge about its functionality, ease of use, tutorials, and prices. Therefore, to save you time when looking at them to download, we’ve composed a list of the key features of a good screen recorder to look out for.

What makes a screen recorder good?

Before jumping into the features fully, good screen recording software can help record everything you see on your smartphone or computer screen. They can also only record certain parts of the screen (based on what you want to choose). Some tools allow you to use your microphone and narrate or provide instructions on the screen while recording, which can be great if you want to record instructional type of videos.

Similarly, there are other screen recorders that allow you to upload directly to other platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. However, the capabilities of each software can vary a great deal, so it’s important that you review them fully first to suit your own needs.

How to choose a screen recorder:

Screen Recorder Software Here are some key features to look out for when deciding on a screen recorder:


One of the main things to consider when choosing a good screen recorder is the price. Sometimes a recorder might look as if it’s free, when in fact they’re hidden by a subscription or one time fee. Similarly, there are screen recording software which provide free trials but then provide charge attached to them or only a certain amount of videos can be recorded. Therefore, when signing up, make sure you know the conditions in the fine print first.


A good screen recorder must be practical and convenient to use. Therefore, its interface must be simple and easy to use. If you have little knowledge, or you’re not tech-savvy, the program should be easy to use without having to read too many instructions or contact customer support about the software.


It’s important that there are editing functionalities in the screen recorder, and they meet your requirements. When looking at screen recording software you’ll find some have specific editing tools, a built-in editor and some don’t. The basic ones to look for are cropping, trimming, and joining. But, remember to do your research and look at the reviews before choosing based on your needs.

Additional things to check off the list:

In addition to recording the screen, there are some additional features that are worth checking for. For instance, you may want the screen recording to include audio and integrate with your microphone. Similarly, you may want to have your face showing on a webcam while the recording is happening at the same time.

The software could also automatically add a  watermark to the recording, which might ruin your credibility. You should also look if there’s an option to change the screen size, pixels, and quality of the recording. Ideally, the best screen recording software should include high definition options. The last thing you will want is to have software that’s restrictive and bad quality.

Screen Sharing

One of the major things your screen recorder should have is a screen sharing option. Without it, you won’t be able to share your recording with your clients, coworkers, friends, or anyone else intended to view the video.

It should be able to give you options to save it into different file formats such as MP4, GIF, and more. Alongside this, it should give you options to upload it to other file forms like YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Ideally, you should also be given a URL link where people can go and view it.


If you’re still unsure, one of the best ways to check for a good screen recorder is to see the opinions of other users. In particular, you should look for what the major praises and complaints are about each software option. Doing this, may help you save a lot of money and time before buying the screen recording software.

Online tutorials

Alongside reviews, you might want to check if the software company has video tutorials. If they do, you might want to watch them first to give you a greater understanding of the software. The more information about the software, the better.

Offline screen recordings

Another factor you might want to consider when looking for a good screen recorder is by having an offline option. There may be incidents where you’re not connected to data or Wi-Fi and wanting to record from your device.

Select safe software

While there’s a lot of different types of software that exist, you should choose safe and effective software. For instance, it should provide you with round the clock customer support to help you with any queries. Similarly, you should look for the software to have data encryption and a secure backup, in case anything happens.

The most important part is that it protects your data and complies with GDPR regulations. You will also want to ensure that the screen recording software does not automatically record you when you’re not using it. There are several great options out there, such Movavi Screen Recorder and OBS Studio, which fulfill these requirements.


Overall, there are a lot of different types of screen recording software out there that exist. When looking for a good screen recorder, you should always read the fine print first before paying or downloading. In the fine print, you’ll find specific information whether they charge, privacy, protection information and more.

Alongside this, you should look to see if it has additional features like microphone recording, screen sharing, editing, friendly user interface and more. Most importantly, the best screen recording should be easy to use with a simple user face and be shareable for others to view.