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How to Choose the Best Laptop for Gaming


Choosing a laptop to suit gaming specifications can be tricky. It relies on your ability to locate some key features which come together to help you enjoy better gameplay. A gaming laptop is an altogether different purchase from your average laptop. To ensure you get the best experience from your device, we’ve put together some vital pre-purchase advice.

There are several different factors to take into consideration before you even begin surfing the web or entering a store. These include your budget, the level of storage required, CPU and RAM, display, graphics and size. It also helps to set a budget range before beginning a search.

A gaming laptop is specific to each player. In fact, sometimes gaming laptops aren’t always necessary. For low-resolution games, you likely won’t need one. You may just be checking out bingo sites like luckytouchbingo.com. However, 4K games such as the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider are far more punishing on your laptop. Very few will fit this spec and purchasing a gaming laptop of this calibre is likely to cost you a pretty penny.

Definitely have a look at the specs for the games that you like to play or are looking to enjoy in the future. 4K resolution is most certainly the next big thing if you want to experience some jaw-dropping visuals. If you want to play with 4K resolution then you’ll have to purchase a more powerful graphics card. The Nvidia 980M works well to support this. However, Nvidia recently debuted an insanely powerful GPU in the form of the GeForce GTWX 1080. You may want to check this out for some serious gaming power. Whilst we’re on the subject of display, it’s important that you do not purchase a laptop with a resolution of less than 1920×1080.

When choosing your new piece of kit, make sure that the CPU is powerful enough to do the job. First off, never settle for anything less than 8GB of RAM. It’s just not advisable to go any lower. Going higher can be advantageous but it’s not essential. What is essential is ensuring that your processor is of the right calibre. If you really want to hit the top of the tree, then an Intel Core i7 quad-core chip is where you should focus your attention. A dual-core chip will work too, however, not quite to the same standard. Never go for anything slower than a Core i5 for gaming.


Other important factors to consider are portability and keyboard. The most portable devices commonly have smaller displays but tend to prompt a payoff when it comes to CPU. Higher portability often means less capability. A 15 inch laptop is more likely to be a happy medium between portability and processing power. When it comes to keyboards, you want something that is comfortable. However, we can’t get past the FX software by Alienware for adding a dose of cool to your keystrokes.

Buying a gaming laptop is a complex affair. To purchase the best in biz, you’ll likely need a large budget. However, our tips above should give a fair idea of the minimum standard required for fantastic gameplay!