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China Cracking Down On Live-Streaming Authorised Foreign Games

palying game on laptop China is cracking down on gaming and in a new order, the country’s National Radio and Television Administration has said that online platforms will be “strictly prohibited” from live-streaming games that have not been authorised by the government.

The regulator further said that platforms are not allowed to live broadcast online games that have not been approved by the competent authorities, and must not use live broadcast rooms and other forms.

Platforms, including their individual and business accounts, should gain approval before broadcasting overseas games or matches, the order said that came out late on Friday.

Online gaming and tech company Tencent has also announced to terminate its gaming booster that allows users to play overseas games, reports TechCrunch.

Tencent has also announced to shut down its game streaming platform Penguin Esports by June due to “changes in business strategies”.

According to the notice by the Chinese regulator, it is strictly forbidden to disseminate illegal games on online audio-visual platforms.

“All online live broadcast platforms, especially game live broadcast platforms, should strictly control the content setting, publicity and interaction and effectively control and improve information related to game live broadcast programmes,” it read.

China has also restricted the approval process for new games over the last few years and many foreign gaming titles are not officially available in the country.