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Check for DNSChanger virus or risk losing internet connectivity this Monday

DNS Changer Virus Checker

Operation Ghost Click is expected to haunt web users one last time this Monday and people are being warned to check for the DNSChanger virus infection on their PC or risk losing internet connectivity. Last year, the FBI took down a group of cyber-criminals who were charged with infecting PCs with the Trojan and illegally raking in millions of dollars in internet advertising revenue.

For those who aren’t familiar with the functioning of Domain Name System (DNS), it transforms regular website names into IP addresses which PCs use to communicate with each other. When users look up a particular URL, their PCs contact DNS servers. Incorrect DNS settings mean access to the internet gets cut off. Here’s where trouble like the DNSChanger Trojan comes into play.

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McAfee DNSChanger Virus Checker

“Identifying and changing these settings manually can be difficult,” remarked Vincent Weafer, senior vice president, McAfee Labs. “By providing a free tool that walks them through the process, we’re making it easy for consumers to fix their settings and stay connected. For us, this is part of our relentless focus on protecting and liberating consumers so that they may safely experience everything the Internet has to offer.”

The virus directs unwary internet users to fake DNS servers and from that point, to websites where the cyber-criminals get a chance to rake in the money from advertisements. Additionally, the Trojan renders infected computers susceptible to all kinds of malware. On July 9, the FBI plans to shut down the rogue servers which were only kept going to avoid web disconnection on a massive scale considering the number of infected PCs.

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DNSChanger Checker McAfee

So those in the US can simply go to www.dns-ok.us and check their PCs for the DNSChanger virus. People in other regions of the world may want to head here or look towards McAfee for the virus checker tool and solutions to resolve the problem.

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