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Characteristics of a Good PowerPoint Template for Your Presentation

company-name Regardless the topic, a Microsoft PowerPoint can help you transmit your idea to an audience. Master the basics before proceeding. These techniques will teach you how to create a presentation from a perfect PowerPoint template or create a fully customized presentation. Here are some steps to get you started.


The kind of information you want to present will dictate the kind of template to choose. If you’re doing a report you will choose something relative to a report. If you’re doing a sports newsletter PoweredTemplate.com then find a suitable template. This way you will be able to organize your work accordingly without having to modify the template to suit what you want. It will also be easy to work with the template format since they are designed to suit various types.


You want to be consistent in the way that you present the information. Changing at intervals can work as well but the way you put information should be the same. If you’re using bullets it’s best that you follow through and not change to alphabets or numbers to avoid confusion. If you have images you can choose the same text wrapping so that they can be orderly and look the same.

Other important things like fonts should match up from the start to finish. Changing the font shows that the information given is not related. The font size can vary when you want to differentiate between title and content. You can also italicize or bold the text to indicate photo captions. This way the audience or reader can differentiate between the title and content.

Key words

A good way of having a great presentation is using key words. You don’t want to read all the words in the presentation. The objective is to highlight the important things then keep an eye contact with the audience as you explain. Spending too much time reading everything will only make your audience withdrawn from the presentation. Key words can be highlighted using a different color or made bolder so that you can have an easy time identifying them as you go through the slides.


The background determines how the foreground will look. A number of factors determine the correct background template. A dark background is good for presentation but not suitable for print. A dark background also works best in a dark lit room. Having a patterned background may compromise the readability of the text. The background and foreground should have contrasting colors for them to be fully legible.


As much as transitions can be very interesting it is best not to overdo it. When it becomes too flashy it may end up being annoying and distracting to the audience. You want to keep it simple and straightforward. Some transitions also take too long to completely finish displaying texts and this can be annoying when you consider the time factor.