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CG Mobile Search to search Gadgets and its Prices

Mobile Phone Write SMS Cafegadgets.in, has introduced CG Mobile Search, which can be used for finding products and prices through the mobile phone. Users wishing to buy gadgets such as a laptop, digital camera, mobile phone or an iPod etc, can send an SMS and check the prices on Cafegadgets.in. An advantage of the Cafegadgets.in search tool is that users can compare prices of the products.

Cafegadgets.in ensures most competitive prices. The prices displayed after the searches are inclusive of the taxes, hence users are assured to get the product at the same price without any hidden cost.

Hitesh Dhingra, Business Head, CafeGadgets.in, said, “Based on the WAP Pull technology, CG Mobile Search will assist mobile users in their purchases. This instant information can help the user make an informed buying decision and opt for a better deal. Our effort is to keep people informed about the most interesting deals on their favourite gadgets.”

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For using the CG Mobile Search, users do not have to download any special application. All they have to do is SMS “CG ” and send it to 53030.

For example to know the price of the Nokia N95 mobile phone, users can type “CG Nokia N95” and send an SMS to 53030.

No idea on the service’s charges as of now.

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