Cellranger USB powered Signal Booster for better network

Cellranger Signal Booster

With the high usage of mobile phone usage, congestion of network has become a common occurrence and if you live in a coverage gap, then call drop-outs and crackling voices on calls may not be a surprise to you. The Cellranger USB-powered Signal Booster steps in to solve your problems pertaining to mobile network.

The device promises a strong network range for mobile phones and also improves reception for 3G modems as well. The USB powered device provides a network range of 6feet radius. The device can be used with a standard mobile phone or unidirectional antennas.

Wrapped in a 12V cigarette-lighter edition, the Cellranger USB powered Signal Booster claims to raise 2-3bars of network on your phone while you suffer from constant call-drop-outs. The secret behind its working is the device’s specially programmed microprocessor. If the Signal Booster is used with a data card Cellranger claims that the device will boost the download speeds up to 30% to 200% faster. At a price of $149.99, the Cellranger device is up for sale through the official Cellranger website. Cellranger also promise to introduce Cell Ranger HOME in quarter 1 of 2009 which will improve both uplink and downlink signals while at home or at work.