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Our CDisplay alternative collection comprises of various names that’ll surely appeal to all you comic book fans out there. Similar to the software in the spotlight here, the following options are endowed with a clean and simple user interface and allow you to read all your favorite comics with ease. Flicking through paperback comics and hoarding tons of special editions in a box under your bed may now be a thing of the past. With the tech age upon us, this long time hobby has undergone the virtual treatment. Well, read on to find out more.

1 – Comix:

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The user-friendly, customizable image viewer forays onto the scenario packed with a whole load of goodies that will certainly put a smile on the face of any comic book buff. Besides just handling comics, it also doubles as a generic viewer, according to the brains behind this endeavor. The software has the ability to read common image formats like zip, rar and tar archives along with plain image files. Some of the handy features you’ll find here include double page and fullscreen modes, rotation and mirroring, image enhancements, archive editor, comic book library, magnifying glass, bookmarks support and archive comments support. It runs on Linux and Unix-like OS systems and is translated into more than 20 different languages.

2 – ComicRack:

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If you’re looking for a nifty eComic reader and manager then we suggest you check out what this particular entrant in our programs like CDisplay roster has to offer you on a platter. Created for Windows PCs, the intuitive solution lets you seamlessly manage your large comic book library. A few of the noteworthy features it incorporates include fullscreen and different display modes like grouping, sorting and filtering as well as magnifier, automatic backcolor matching, information overlays and color adjustments.

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It also employs a multi tab interface which allows you to easily toggle between your favorite eComics. The program here complies with different formats such as cbz, cbr, cbt, cb7, pdf, djvu, zip, rar, tar, 7z and cbw. What’s more, if you own an Android-infused smartphone or tablet, you can take complete advantage of a free application as well as a paid one that costs just under $8.

3 – Comical:

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After covering treats that were crafted separately for Linux and Windows, here’s a multi-platform delight that reaches out to Mac OS X, Windows and Linux computer owners. It’s looked upon as an open source comic book viewer that’s easy to use. The CBR and CBZ reader lets you seamlessly glance through one or two pages simultaneously and even accommodates nicely within the page window. Sporting an intuitive interface, it also has the ability to display png, tiff, jpeg and gif images across the screen.

4 – Comic Viewer:

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This inclusion in our apps similar to CDisplay array is chiseled exclusively for comic book fans wielding the Apple iPad. Through this handy application, you can download and read your favorite pages while on the go. You can either add comic books stored in your PC or pick them up from dedicated sites thanks to the built-in web browser. You’ll be able to zero in on a desired title by searching in list view or scanning through covers across the library. The developer even lets you display a reading status for opened, unopened and finished comic books.

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Needless to say, you can also put your own spin on things by adjusting screen brightness, organizing your collection into stacks, bookmark individual pages and reorder comics by dragging covers from one eShelf to the other. There’s even a Manga mode for right-to-left reading and 2-pages side-by-side view when held in the landscape mode. You can pick this handy application up from the Apple App Store by shelling out just under $4.

5 – Simple Comic:

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We’ve roped in another great open source delight that’s fashioned for the Mac OS X system. The shareware gem supports reading of comic book archives as well as directories of images. Some of its other attributes read as page rotation, scaling, layout and ordering as well as fullscreen capabilities and text notes. With this particular application sitting in your PC, you’ll be able to view multiple comics simultaneously and even zoom in on small details strewn across the ePage. It’s also compatible with formats like cbz, rar, 7z, cbr, zip, tar and lha among others. And lastly, the program displays previews and icons as well as a fullscreen thumbnail view.

6 – YACReader:

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Although its abbreviated name means Yet Another Comic Reader, the final contender in our programs like CDisplay roundup is far from emulating any other ordinary solution. The free cross-platform comic reader lets you seamlessly manage your entire comic book collection by employing smooth transition effects.

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It also supports various formats like cbr, rar, zip, cbz and cb7 as well as tiff, gif, bmp and png images. Packed with plenty of customizable options, this handy treat also extends its services to Windows, Linux and Mac OS X PCs as well as iOS devices.


Diving a little deeper into what the service in question is all about, well it’s an image-viewing application that’s created to get the most out of DRM-free manga and comic books. Developed by David Ayton, the image viewer enables fans to espy PNG, JPEG and static GIF format images in sequence, just like a comic book.

Similarly, all of the aforesaid options in our CDisplay alternative lineup are fashioned to enhance your reading experience and make comic book enthusiasts feel right at home. And although the freeware title in focus here was only compatible for the Windows PC, our list is made up of programs that cater to different platforms like Linux, Mac OS X and even the mobile terrain. So take your pick and tell us what you think.