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7 CCleaner Alternatives

If it’s CCleaner alternatives you’re on the lookout for then you’ve stumbled on the right space. The utility program that was earlier known as ‘Crap Cleaner,’ isn’t the only reliable solution out there especially when it comes to wiping out unwanted files. There are plenty of others that are apt for the job at hand. They all help delete unnecessary clutter and help free more space on your PC. Well, here are the names of that acme lot. You’ll find that there are both free as well as paid ones right here.

1 – Wise Disk Cleaner:

Wise Disk

Wondering what Wise Disk Cleaner has in store for you? Well for one, it does away with temporary files, cookies, history, and auto-complete the history of different internet browsers. It further wipes out Windows junk files like Recent Documents, Log files, Recycle Bin and Temporary files.

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Also thrown into the amalgamation is a Disk Defragmenter feature as well as a ‘slim down’ mode for deleting items such as sample pictures, installer baseline cache or any other files that are unimportant to you. And as the cherry on top, you can pick up this virtual treat absolutely free of cost.

2 – SlimCleaner:


The developer of SlimCleaner calls on all tech-savvy individuals to, ‘clean your PC.’ Items that are simply lying idle and taking up precious space can now be dealt with the effective way via this entrant in our software like CCleaner roster. You can seamlessly get rid of temporary files, internet logs, history, and other such junk.

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What’s more, you’ll also be able to espy stats and read-outs of your PC functions through the Windows Tools panel. Some of its other features read as software updater, intelligent defrag, duplicate finder, shredder and SSD optimization. SlimCleaner too can be downloaded without parting ways with any pennies.

3 – BleachBit:


BleachBit helps you get your hands on some extra space by deleting cookies and logs, shredding temporary files, and wiping away internet history. It further improves system performance and aids in maintaining privacy. You can even expect to see some smart features embedded here such as shredding files completely to prevent data recovery and overwriting free disk space in order to conceal the files that were deleted earlier.

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BleachBit is also blessed with a command-line interface for automation and scripting. Created to suit the clearing needs of Linux and Windows PC owners, it’s an open-source solution and comes minus a price tag.

4 – ToolWiz Care:

ToolWiz Care

Packed with a multi-functional optimization suite, this inclusion in our software similar to CCleaner array provides a comprehensive set of tools that should help speed up your system while attending to its overall care. Some of these programs include system clean-up, check-up, speed-up, fix-up, start-up optimizer, back-up and virtualization as well as more than 50 integrated utilities. ToolWiz Care further offers a whole host of other attributes like time freeze, password manager, virtual safe, duplicate file finder, remote file backup, game booster, picture editor and password generator. What’s more, it’s free to procure and can be used by both experts as well as novices.

5 – TuneUp Utilities:

TuneUp Utilities 2013

Here’s another all-in-one solution that’ll not only address the shredding aspect but also improve your PC’s overall performance and battery life. TuneUp Utilities restores or does away with any unwanted files securely, and even features a sleek user interface. The maker has further endowed the software with more than 30 premium tools.

And while the latest edition brings along with it new features such as disk and browser cleaners as well as TuneUp Live Optimization 2.0, it also makes improvements to its registry and shortcut cleaners. If you wish to procure the full version, you’ll need to shell out just under $50 but if you already have the 2012 edition and want to simply upgrade, all you have to do is part ways with just under $30.

6 – Privazer:


Privazer erases all unwanted traces of your online activities. Everything that you’ve watched, deleted and downloaded will be wiped out. In addition to being a privacy tool, the program is also noted to be a PC cleaner that lets you get rid of the clutter with just one click, according to the brains behind this endeavor. With this virtual puppy working in your PC, you can expect your computer to run faster, have more free space and lesser privacy risks. And like many other programs like CCleaner featured here, this one too is free to download.

7 – Glary Utilities:

Glary Utilities

Our final substitute to be roped in here released just a few days ago. Glary Utilities is an all-in-one program that deletes unwanted files, boosts the speed of your PC, blocks Trojans and spyware, and protects your privacy. What’s more, you can dabble through a whole slew of actions via the simple and fast user-friendly interface.

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And although this software is up for grabs minus a price tag, there’s a Pro version that’s also available for just under $28.


CCleaner released onto the scene a decade ago. Emerging from the barn of Piriform, it has the ability to clear all areas of your PC and even makes it faster and more secure. Now, although CCleaner might still be one of the best of its kind out there, we’ve listed out other formidable CCleaner alternatives that should suit all your requirements. Do give them a try and let us know what you think by punching your thoughts in the comment box below. Are your favorite ones missing from here? Don’t hesitate to enlighten us with the same.