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Casio Exilim Ex-Z800 camera outed in India

Casio Exilim EX-Z800

As enthusiasts bid adieu to the marvelous technological creations of 2010, manufacturers have been devising products for unfurling this year’s carpet with a bang. Casio has expanded its Exilim portfolio with the EX-Z800 compact digital camera for photography fiends across the Indian landscape.

Powered by the premium auto technology dubbed Exilim Z800, this innovation has been crafted to deliver a seamless experience. Its Premium Auto function is capable of distinguishing between different settings including sunset, back lighting, night scenes and more while tracking the movement of the subject. Further, this function optimizes settings by altering the exposure, ISO, sensitivity focus and other elements.

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The Casio Exilim Ex-Z800 has been outfitted with a 4x optical zoom lens which offers a 27mm wide-angle view for capturing users’ happy moments across several locations. Its Single Frame SR Zoom enables users to adopt the telephoto view while freezing landscapes or other pictures. This facilitates the optical zoom to expand for approximately 1.5 times, delivering 14.1MP high resolution graphics. Touted to refine textures, edges and flat areas for enlarged images, the super resolution technology of the camera reckons and modifies outlines and other regions of the picture.

The manufacturer has compiled the offering with a variety of other features such as Casio’s CCD-shift image stabilization mechanism, view/delete buttons as well as dedicated shoot. Owing to the integrated premium auto technology, the camera is proficient of analyzing up to 1,00,000 combinations while it also gauges the brightness levels perceived by the human eye for engineering the desired manifestation.

Donning vivid colored drapes including silver, pink, red, yellow and blue, the Casio Exilim Ex-Z800 has been encompassed in a chic, compact structure. This enclosure lodges numerous other attributes along with the engine 5.0 which extends high speed features for unfolding an exceptional performance. To satiate the needs of aficionados with an artistic streak, the gadget has been equipped with the Art Shot and Art Effect functions.

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The EX-Z800 has been packed with Casio’s original Dynamic Photo function for producing moving photos on the device itself. Users can choose from a variety of backgrounds while capturing birthday parties, farewells and other occasions. In addition, it facilitates consumers to move multiple characters against vivid backgrounds for about 20 seconds. Besides, it is easy to upload these images on YouTube and personal blogs via the included software.

Users can now grab the Casio Exilim Z-800 compact digital camera from the company’s retail outlets and other leading stores for Rs. 9,495.

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