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Casio EXILIM EX-Z300, EX-Z250 and EX-Z85 Cameras Announced

Casio EXILIM EX-Z300 and EX-Z250

Casio announced to expand its camera line-up with three new cameras. EX-Z300, EX-Z250 and EX-Z85 are new the models to enter in Casio’s Exilim family. The Z300 and Z250 both deliver beautiful high resolution images and feature outstanding functionality. While, the EX-Z85 sports stylish design paired with innovative features.

Most of the features incorporated in the EX-Z300 and EX-Z250 are same except the camera. The EX-Z300 is equipped with a larger 10.1 MP camera, while the EX-Z250 comes with a 9.1 MP camera. Apart from that, both the cameras include 4X zoom capability, 38.5MB internal memory and 3.0 inch LCD monitor.

Casio’s EXILIM Engine 3.0 is the heart of the EX-Z300 and EX-Z250 cameras, which offers beautiful image quality with low noise and moiré. Moreover the cameras automatically detect and correct for difficult situations, such as night photography where camera shake could be a problem, or backlit subjects where faces often come out too dark. There is also a movie mode for shooting videos.

Both cameras use the H.264 video standard that utilizes the AAC audio codec, which is widely used in Apple’s iPod and other mobile devices. In addition, handheld night scene, Lighting function and Makeup function are the other included photo modes.

Casio EXILIM EX-Z85 Camera

On the other hand the Casio EX-Z85 is a stylish 9.1 megapixel digital camera. It supports most of the functions found commonly in new age cameras including face detection, blur reduction etc. but the camera also boasts Focus frames and Menu screens features.

The Focus frames feature allows users to capture images in various shaped frames including heart shape or a butterfly. While the Menu screens feature lets users select their preferred option from six different colors (black, chocolate, cinnamon, rose, sky blue and olive) as the color for the menu screens.

Like EX-Z300 and EX-Z250, the EX-Z85 also records video in iTunes-compatible H.264 video standard. Hence users can not only enjoy the videos on camera and PC but can also view them on their iPods. Besides, the camera also sports a 2.6 inch widescreen LCD screen.

“We are proud to welcome three new additions to the EXILIM family of sleek and attractive digital cameras,” said Bill Heuer, Vice President of Casio’s Digital Imaging Division. “The new EXILIM engine for high speed image processing takes these point-and-shoot digital cameras to a new level of functionality.”

The Casio EX-Z300, EX-Z250 and EX-Z85 cameras will be available for $299.99, $249.99 and $179.99 respectively.