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CaseCollage application helps you fill up those circles in iPhone 5C cases

LunarLincoln, the developers behind the CaseCollage application have found a way to fill in those circles on the iPhone 5C cases that you may have suddenly started to dislike. The case design is actually kind of weird and the holes really need to be blocked with something. And what’s better than your favorite pictures to do so.

As TechCrunch says, the application saves the day for all those who bought the cover without giving it much thought. So what you can do is, add a touch of creativity with the assistance of the said application. It allows you to select your images from various social networks such as Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Instagram or from your device and arrange them the way you want them to be seen on the case.

You will find a template of circles just like the one on the case, in the utility to place the images on them. Apart from pictures, interested customers can even choose from photos pre-loaded in the app. These include colors, patterns, clipart and letters, so you can not only add pictures, but also messages and random designs.

Moreover, if all you want is a way to somehow hide the incomplete words that are visible through the circles, you can use plain colors to fill them. People who have carefully chosen the combination of the phone and the case would appreciate this way of filling them up. Once your work of art is ready, print it out on a paper, cut it and place it inside the case. Isn’t this a great way of creating your own customized case?

CaseCollage application

The CaseCollage application is now available through iTunes for free.