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Can’t remember where you parked your car? Google Now remembers

In its step-by-step approach towards becoming the most powerful personal digital assistant, Google Now has started providing you the exact location of the place where you park your car. An update that has just been released by Mountain View to the Android version of its Search app enables this feature and also adds a few more goodies to the utility.

A new parking card is introduced by this upgrade for listing the specific address of the place where you leave your car. This is also accompanied by a map that lets you view how far you are from that place. Now if this data in any case turns out to be inaccurate, alternative places are also shown to help you get to your car.

Google Now

This handy new addition is accompanied by a fresh interface for reminders, featuring a better layout. Custom nicknames can be managed from the Settings menu, whereas the ‘Help’ and ‘Send feedback’ tabs have now been combined into a single ‘Help & feedback’ option.

This Google Now update for its Search app is live now on the Play store, but in case you aren’t able to get it, Android Police has uploaded an APK on its site for easy access.