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Canon and Toshiba to delay launch of SED display flat panel TVs

Canon and Toshiba had joined hands in 2004 in order to bring SED TVs to the flat-screen TV market. The launch of these SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) TVs which was expected to happen in the latter half of 2007, has now been put off indefinitely.

The flat-screen TV market is currently awash with plasma and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) offerings from established biggies such as LG and Sony. SED TVs borne of the Canon-Toshiba partnership were supposed to have hit the market by December this year, at the latest.

But two major problems have reportedly put paid to these plans. As The Japan Times reports, the prices of LCD and plasma TVs have been falling sharply. SED technology is still too new to be cheap enough to compete in this scenario.

Canon needs to reduce the mass production costs associated with SED TVs before it hopes to gain a foothold in the flat-screen market. The fact that such panels use less power in comparison is not enough of an argument to convince consumers to cough up more cash for it.

Toshiba has made it clear that Canon’s inability to supply the SED panels according to schedule has scuppered the company’s plans to start shipping it to customers. Canon is additionally embroiled in a patent lawsuit with Nano-Proprietary Inc. in the US over the SED panel tech.

All that being said and done, things are not looking good for the Toshiba-Canon venture to bring SED TVs to shelves. There’s no word on a revised release date for these flat-panel TVs either.