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Lost your Android smartphone? Just Google search it

Google already rolled out its Device Manager tool for locating a lost Android smartphone back in 2013 and now, it’s offering a simpler way for you carry out the same task. The internet giant has announced that you’ll be able to easily find your device by simply searching for it on Google.

By that we mean going to and typing ‘find my phone’ into the search field. Once you’ve done so, a small window will open in the results asking you to sign in for security reasons. Following this, it will begin to contact and trace your Android device’s current location by showing it on a map.

Find My Phone Google

If your phone is somewhere close, you’ll also be able to ring it at full volume to make the search mission easier. Google does note that you’ll need the latest versions of its own app installed for this to work, which is available through the Play store. However, we’ve also found out that web tool will be unable to find your device if location services have been turned off.

So if you’re the type who disables location services to reduce battery consumption, there’s a good chance that the web app will be of little to no help in finding your lost Android device. And of course, you’ll even need an active internet connection for this to work.

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From the search page, you’ll quickly be able to get into the Android Device Manager app which has more options at its disposal. Here’s you’ll have the option to remotely lock the handset by setting a password and a recover message, and even erase all of its contents.

Just so you know, the Device Manager tool is not limited to just smartphones and tablets. Google has updated it to even support smartwatches.