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Canada’s Live Streaming Apps for Android and iPhone

apps 1 In 2014, 53% of video content was watched on mobiles, and streaming apps continue to increase in popularity. With so many apps available, for both Android and iPhone, it is unsurprising that Canada has its own streaming apps relating not only to live streaming of content but also allowing you to create your own live streams on social media, along with providing viewing of previously streamed material.

  1. DAZN 

The sports streaming app DAZN has already been established in Germany, Japan, Austria and Switzerland, but its launch in Canada is its first exposure in North America. Offering live streaming of National Football League (NFL) games, DAZN differs from other sports streaming apps in Canada by guaranteeing no blackouts even in areas in which TV rights for NFL matches have also been secured by cable TV broadcasters. Boasting exclusive rights to NFL Game Pass and NFL RedZone, DAZN is a reliable way to ensure you never miss a game. Monthly subscriptions to the app currently stand at $20, or alternatively a year’s subscription can be gained for $150 after the free trial period of thirty days. In addition to NFL streaming, DAZN promises coverage of top league sports from around the globe, offering both live streaming and replays. Investigations indicate that over 220,000 people stopped subscribing to cable television services last year in Canada. Therefore, even without a TV licence, the DAZN app enables you to keep up to date with all the action of the NFL season on your smartphone. Labelled the ‘Netflix of sports’ by the Financial Post, DAZN looks to be a major part of the app market.


  1. Alt TV 

Bell Fibe has launched the Alt TV streaming app through which their Bell Fibe Internet subscribers can access channels offered on Bell TV. Currently usable in Ontario and Quebec, the app is also scheduled to be available in Manitoba and Atlantic Canada. The Alt TV app promises easy watching on your favourite shows even when you are away from home, for $14.99 per month.

  1. Radioplayer Canada

Offering 400 Canadian radio stations covering areas from music to sports, news to entertainment, Radioplayer is a highly useful audio streaming app born from collaboration between CBC, Radio Canada, the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA) and a multitude of Canada’s radio stations (such as Clear Sky Radio, Golden West Broadcasting and CAB-K Broadcasting). Supplying streamed content in both English and French, and available free to download on IOS and Android, Radioplayer is highly accessible. The app allows you to either search for what you desire, or suggests recommendations specific to your location, your search history and current trends.

  1. Playster

How to answer the insatiable public demand for all forms of entertainment media? The streaming app, Playster, offers TV shows, music, games, audiobooks, films and comic books, all in one place. Accessible for both Android and iPhone (and any devices connected to the Internet), for $24.95 per month you gain the ability to stream all kinds of media, right at your fingertips (alternatively, access limited to music and audiobooks is available for $9.95). Content is also able to be viewed offline if it has been saved to the device, which is beneficial when travelling.

  1. TED

Web Smart Advisors via Facebook

TED is best known for its short (18 minutes or less) educational videos on ‘ideas worth spreading’. The nonprofit organisation was initiated by Richard Saul Wurman on February 23rd 1984, with headquarters currently in New York and Vancouver, British Colombia. The TED app an educational app which allows you to stream over 2,000 TED Talks. Available on Android, the TED app additionally provides TED Radio Hour podcasts (the product of a collaboration between NPR and TED), the newly introduced anonymous podcast series ‘Sincerely, X’ dealing with sensitive topics, on top of downloads, bookmarks, and subtitles in over 100 languages.

  1. Trace  

Trace allows you to live stream and automatically share your own videos on their network. The Vice President of Business Development for Trace, Joel Smith, believes that ‘It is very action orientated (…) We think it’s going to be very exciting for the users.’ Exciting it is, with a virtual intelligence (VI) camera designed by Trace which uses an image to spot the phone’s user and follow their movements. Trace also produced an auto-editing system that creates a highlight reel from your recording by selecting the best moments. In contrast to many online casinos which use casino software providers to create the live games that they host, Trace has designed its own devices compatible with the camera, which include the quadcopter (providing aerial view) and the Tripod Gimbol for static recordings. This app allows audiences as well as brands to create their own, professional-looking content.

  1. Yeplive 

Like Trace, Yeplive is an app via which you are able to live stream your videos. Based in Toronto, Yeplive aims to offer to Android users features not included on other popular mobile streaming platforms like Periscope. The user interface is location-centric, which links into the app’s origins: Yeplive was designed to ‘find and share compelling real-time content that matters most to them’ and was first inspired by the lack of authentic media coverage available to the public when the ‘Arab Spring’ protests in the Middle East were occurring. Elizabeth Stavros, Yeplive’s COO, claims that ‘Yeplive has the potential for social good (…) by shining a light on the causes that need our attention.’


The possibilities of streaming apps are endless, not only regarding the streaming of television channels, podcasts, radio and videos, and there are also specialised apps for Android and IOS in Canada that provide online gambling, with some of the best gambling apps in Canada providing live streaming of the games, thereby enabling you to be a part of fast-paced action from your device. One thing is for sure: the demand for streaming apps keep growing, and with it the number of apps available to deliver such services.