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You can now use Paytm even without an internet connection

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Digital payment platforms like Paytm have gotten a major boost in the wake of India’s move towards demonetization, with many forced to adopt alternative methods now that cash is in short supply. In light of this, the company has launched a new toll-free number in the hopes of making this transition easier for people who don’t have constant internet access.

To get started, people will have to sign up for Paytm as the new service requires an account. This is a minor hitch in the system since it requires access to a computer or smartphone and a data connection. Once this hurdle has been cleared, users have to dial 1800 1800 1234 from their registered mobile number.

They’ll be asked to set a 4 Digit Paytm PIN for the platform’s service. Henceforth, if a person wants to pay for something, they’ll have to call the toll-free number, enter the recipient’s mobile number, key in the amount to be handed over, and finally submit their PIN.

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The phone feature can be used for any kind of transaction and covers both consumers and merchants. Individuals will still have to log into Paytm’s website or app to add more money to their wallet though. Alternatively, they can head to the brand’s offline cash-in points scattered across India.

The toll-free number is a solid idea for people who utilize feature phones and still want to make cash-free transactions. It could also come in useful in situations where a person is stuck without an active or reliable internet connection.