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You can now see when your friends were last active on Instagram

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Instagram is taking a leaf out of parent company Facebook and sister platform WhatsApp’s playbook by allowing you to see when your friends were last active. The feature is only accessible in the Direct inbox though, so it won’t be displayed in the main app to all followers.

You’ll only be able to see the last seen status of people you follow or have direct messaged on Instagram. It follows that they’ll be able to see when you were last active as well. The time stamp varies depending on the level of activity. For example, you could be shown as ‘Active now’, ‘Active 1h ago’, or ‘Active today’.

The change has brought about mixed reactions, with some seeing the positive side of knowing when their friends were on Instagram, and others seeing it as an invasion of privacy. In good news for the latter camp, the app has provided for an easy way to opt out of the feature.

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You just have to dive into Settings and then find your way to the Show Activity Status option. You should keep in mind that toggling it off will mean that you won’t be able to see when others were last hanging around Instagram either. Still, that’s a small sacrifice for the peace of making sure no one knows when you’re active on Instagram.

Other than this massive shift, Instagram is also planning to introduce a new text-only format in Stories. With this, you can just post a series of written Stories on the platform instead of using photos and videos. Plus, it seems the company is going to send a notification if someone takes a screenshot of your story.