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You can now mix and match a custom Apple Watch online

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The Apple Watch recently got updated with more band options and colors, leading to even more confusion among consumers as to which combination they wanted. Interested buyers have so far had to trudge to the Apple Store or look at the brand’s online gallery of basic combos to get an idea of what their final smartwatch would look like.

Apple seems to have finally acknowledged how time-consuming picking the perfect Apple Watch is and decided to make things easier for customers by launching a new mix and match page in its website. The tool lets purchasers scroll through hundreds of cases, bands and faces till they find the right mishmash of components.

However, this page has some significant drawbacks. For one, the cost of the final combination isn’t mentioned. Secondly, there’s no option to add it to a shopping cart directly, forcing consumers to manually travel to the Apple Store page and add each item separately.

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Apple should ideally get rid of these drawbacks and make it even faster to buy an Apple Watch. Still, the new interactive page should serve to pacify those frustrated by the massive number of options. The previous lengthy process doesn’t seem to have impacted the sales of the wearable though, with the brand’s CEO claiming it’s the bestselling smartwatch in the world right now.

The Apple Watch recently came at the receiving end of a $50 price drop for the Sports version in the US, reducing its cost to $300. As for India, the same variant is now cheaper by Rs 5000 and starts at Rs 25900. However, only this model of the gadget has had its value slashed across the world. The cost of all other units remains the same.

You can check out the new mix and match gallery page for the Apple Watch here.