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You can finally manage your Google Calendar Reminders on the web

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For some, reminders are big asset in their day-to-day lives and it helps them a great deal if they are synced seamlessly across all the devices they use. Google Calendar’s Android and iOS apps introduced support for Reminders recently, but this trait had been missing from the original web version until now.

The search giant has made it clear that this week will see the rollout of the Reminders functionality to the web version of Google Calendar. All the functions that are accessible via the Android and iOS apps will be part of it, so that you can set and manage your Reminders without touching your phones.

The main aspect about Google Calendar’s Reminders is that they stick around until you manually mark them as done. This isn’t the case with Google Now’s Reminders. And the best part is that since these are in sync with all Google services, all the Reminders you create in Inbox, Keep as well as Now will show up in Calendar’s web version and its mobile apps.

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Currently, clicking on a particular cell inside the web version of Google Calendar lets you create an event. Once the update goes live, an option to create a Reminder will appear alongside it as well. And the Reminder you create will be visible on your smartphone immediately after that.

This is indeed a big deal for those who use Google’s Reminders regularly. These users have constantly been complaining about the inconsistency of this feature across the various services which the search giant has to offer.

If you aren’t seeing Reminders in the web version of Google Calendar yet, don’t panic as the rollout takes some days to reach certain regions.