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6 CamStudio Alternatives

Some of the CamStudio alternatives have been listed for users who wish to explore other options for the purpose of making screencasts. Screen recording software come in extremely handy for multiple purposes like creating demos, presentations, video tutorials and much more with absolutely no hassles. The program in question can capture audio as well and lets you make use of your webcam for a picture in picture effect on your screen grabs. And the AVIs you record can easily be converted to bandwidth-friendly SWFs, a feature that proves to be of help when you wish to share them on the web. In case you are looking for utilities that can carry out all of these functions and more, then here we have some of the most efficient ones. Take a look.

1 – Camtasia Studio:

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio allows you to record interactive and engaging videos of software, PowerPoint presentations or even video games. The developers claim that it produces smooth-flowing clips and one of the key highlights of the program is that it lets you edit them or personalize with photos, music or other videos. You can make use of the green screen effect for superimposing yourself or carry out simple operations like crop, copy and stitch.

YouTube video

Furthermore, you can record audio, while capturing the screen and make use of the webcam for the picture in picture effect. By default, the application records in the full-screen mode, but you can customize the area of the window you wish to capture. We have listed some substitutes for this utility here.

Price: $299 (Windows), $99 (Mac version)

2 – Ezvid:


The next option on our roster featuring programs like CamStudio is said to be one of the easiest screen recorder and screen capture software designed for Windows. All you need to do to capture everything that can be seen on the monitor is hit the ‘screen capture’ button and the program does the rest.

YouTube video

Moreover, you can even trust Ezvid to create a speech for your demo video. You can add in a text slide and click on ‘synthesize speech’ to get the program to narrate what you typed. And what’s more, these clippings are created in 1280 x 720p resolution, so they can directly be uploaded to YouTube.

Price: Free

3 – Jing:


Apart from Camtasia Studio, its makers, TechSmith, have also developed something called Jing which deserves a mention on this list. This particular software is for those who wish to add that extra element in their online conversations as apart from its ability to record activities on the screen, it is known for its sharing capability. The application can capture screenshots and allows you to select a window or the area on the monitor that you wish to record. But there’s a limitation.

YouTube video

Your videos on Jing cannot be more than 5 minutes long which is not all that bad if you ask us. And finally, the clip you created can easily be shared via IMs, email, social networking websites and more. It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. TechSmith’s Snagit is another useful option and for more information on its substitutes, you can click here.

Price: Free

4 – ActivePresenter:


Taking our compilation of software similar to CamStudio a bit further is ActivePresenter which can be used for capturing full-motion video in crystal clear quality. It generates appropriate annotations for all the actions and there’s no time limit like Jing. Your videos can be as long as you want them to be.

YouTube video

But the reason why you should opt for this program is that it has some much-needed editing features. You can cut, crop, delete, stitch, split and do a lot of other things to your clips and audio. Adding comments, zoom and pan effects or synchronizing audio, video, and overlays are also possible.

Price: Free, $299 (Standard), $399 (Professional)

5 – ScreenFlow:

ScreenFlow 4

Mac computer users who have been looking for an application that lets them capture screen activities should give ScreenFlow 4 a try. Apart from recording what is played on the screen, the videos created in this program also include clippings captured by the video camera and audio from the microphone as well as the computer.

YouTube video

You can add some creative touches by editing these videos and adding a number of other things like transitions, music, text and much more. Naturally, after creating a beautiful clipping, you’d like to share it with people on the web and it is extremely easy to upload them to YouTube, Vimeo, and other such sites.

Price: $99

6 – Screenr:


And now we have a contender in the catalog featuring programs like CamStudio that doesn’t require you to download anything in order to make screencasts. Screenr is a web-based application that not only simplifies the process of capturing activities going on the screen but also makes it easy for you to share these clippings over the internet.

YouTube video

On the website, you will find a button to launch the screen recorder and as soon as you hit it, the program begins to record the screen as well as the accompanying audio. As it needs a web browser, you can use it on computers running virtually any operating system. And what’s more, these clips are perfectly compatible with select mobile devices like iPhones. You do not have to shell out a single penny for it.

Price: Free


So that’s our roundup of some of the best CamStudio alternatives. You will obviously find a horde of other programs that can carry out the function with perfection, and if you do come across any that deserves a mention on the list, feel free to drop in the name. Do try these utilities for creating demos, tutorials, and other videos and get back to us with your valuable feedback.