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8 Best Camera Apps for iPhone

For some snazzy results on your iDevice snapper, have a look at the best camera apps for iPhone, because there’s only so much that the Apple smartphone’s sensor is capable of doing. Besides enhancing images, these applications help you create memories and lend another dimension to you pictures that are sure to make you feel nostalgic at some point or the other.

1 – ProCamera HD:

Option 1

The ProCamera application can be used to push the limits of the snapper’s capabilities for some serious ‘iPhonography.’ This intuitive application meant for hardcore photographers as well as occasional shooters, lets you click, edit and share high-quality images and videos. The latest update to the tool allows users to click images through the volume buttons on the chassis as also their headsets.

Similar to as seen on a digital camera, this application is integrated with scene modes, auto-improvements and more. Besides serving as an easier option to upload pictures onto social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, it also comes with features like anti-shake image stabilizer and self-timer.

2 – 8mm Vintage Camera:

Option 2

With a recent update, the 8mm Vintage Camera application allows users to record high definition 8mm films through the iPhone. It is meant for those who love making movies and the key highlight of the application is that it takes you back in time to create vintage memories. Boasting of as many as 42 retro looks, it lets you mix and match films and lenses to assign effects like frame jitters, dust, scratches, light leaks and more.

And that’s not all – it also allows you to add effects to existing videos and enhance the ones you are recording with the device’s built-in LED flash. This AirPlay-enabled app also enables direct uploads to Facebook.

3 – Fast Tap Camera Lite:

Option 3

This Lite version of the Fast Tap Camera application certainly makes for a quick way to click pictures as it lets you take images by touching anywhere on the generously sized touchscreen. This comes in handy when you need to click a self-portrait. In addition to two high-resolution modes, the application comes with a speed mode. Sans splash screen and dialogs, it is integrated with a self-timer for all the available modes. Also, it does not need to be operated through buttons and saves all the clicked pictures to the camera roll.

4 – Photo Timer:

Option 4

Next on our list of camera apps for iPhone is the Photo Timer application. This app lets you select from a number of time intervals between 2 seconds and 300 seconds. Changing these time intervals is as easy as tapping numbers on the handset. This application lets you keep track of how many images you have clicked and ensure that you do not miss out on a shot. It also comes in handy while taking group or posed shots as it clicks three pictures in quick succession. Moreover, it displays full-screen pictures in a slideshow and lets you pan or zoom around your photos. Needless to say, it facilitates uploading pictures to websites such as Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many more.

5 – Camera+:

Option 5

With the introduction of the latest version, the Camera+ application once again supports VolumeSnap, which is clearly one of its most handy features. Along with letting users take advantage of the touch exposure and focus, it utilizes the embedded LED flash for better outcomes. And with grid lines and stabilizer in place, you can probably wave goodbye to crooked and blurred pics.

Its 6x digital zoom allows capturing the subject from a distance and those digital camera-like scenes and modes are perfect to add that extra element to otherwise dull pictures. And if they do not turn out the way you expected, there are options to crop, as well as assign effects and borders.

6 – Magic Shutter:

The Magic Shutter app promises to turn your iDevice into a high-end creative camera with attributes to capture long exposure and repeated exposure pictures. Its Magic instant preview helps with a long exposure, while the Smart Exposure determines the right amount needed for the same. Also included is flash synchronization that freezes shooting objects at the perfect time for an improved result.

And with up to three resolution options, the app is capable of delivering photo output resolutions of about 1 million pixels. This candidate in our camera apps for iPhone roster, with support for the Retina display, also boasts of a feature to let users select the suitable shutter speed.

7 – Camera Genius:

Option 7

Besides some common features like digital zoom, video capturing and timer support, the Camera Genius application comes with Sound Capture to prompt it to snap a photo through sounds. Clicking a picture is extremely simple with a tap on the device’s screen, while its burst mode shooting that takes three pictures in rapid succession will ensure that you capture each and every moment.

Eliminating blurred pictures with its anti-shake stabilizer, it comes with a camera guide to help amateurs with photo composition. Once you are done clicking, go back and review pictures with its intuitive interface, edit them until they are good to go on Facebook and Twitter.

8 – ShakeItPhoto:

Option 8

If you are one of those photographers who don’t miss a single chance to walk down the memory lane, we have included the ShakeItPhoto application in our roster of camera apps for iPhone only for you. The interface of the app is designed in a manner that is sure to remind you of your first Polaroid camera and its Perfect Processing technology will not let anyone know that the picture has not been clicked from that vintage snapper.

And why only pictures -its sounds and animations are also inspired by the Polaroid camera. Users can even turn their existing photos into Polaroid snapshots and share them via email or directly on Facebook.

So aren’t these best camera apps for iPhone apt for capturing perfect moments to share with family and friends or are they? Try out a few from our list and tell about the experience.