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Cables Unlimited introduces Wireless USB Adapter Set with Single Chip by Wisair

Wireless USB Adapter Set Cables Unlimited has joined hands with Wisair to launch a novel Wireless USB Adapter Set.Users can now enjoy wireless connection from their laptop or desktop to a series of USB devices.

Accessorized by Wisair’s single-chip, the Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Adapter Set comprises of a pair of Wireless USB dongles. While one dongle should serve the notebook or PC, the other dongle should help users get connected with other devices. A user-friendly device, the adapter set can be placed anywhere in the room up to 30 feet away from the computer without compromising on wireless connectivity.

Consumers no longer need to worry about change of location or place as they can effortlessly relocate existing USB peripherals like external hard drive, printer, digital still camera, camcorder cradles, and CD/DVD writers. The set lets users move to comfortable locations in the room minus all the USB cable distance worries.

To utilise the adapter set, users simply need to attach the PC adapter to the PC/notebook along with connecting the device adapter to the USB port of the device. There on, users are guided step by step for the standard Windows setup that identifies USB devices without physical connections. The set lets consumers print, transfer or just back up data with no hassles of wires all over the place. With a choice to attach to a USB hub transforming the set into a wireless USB hub, the set gives users a rather economical way of upgrading their existing wired USB.

Available now through multiple online retailers, the distinct Wireless USB Adapter Set should cost you between $79 and $99.