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Cable TV – The More You Know!

cable TV Cable TV has been around for more than 65 years and ever since its dawn, it has only been ruling the realm of entertainment. Although the number of people who could subscribe to cable TV was quite low in the beginning, as time passed, cable TV began to gain a significantly broader audience. All this and cable TV also boasted the status of being a household staple without which no one could picture to survive.

Ever since its advent, cable TV has undergone a massive number of upgrades. History tells us cable TV came into origin in the late 1940s in the United States, and Arkansas, Oregon, and Pennsylvania were among the first three cities to receive cable TV reception. Cable TV was essentially introduced as a solution to provide better television reception to households inhabiting remote regions. Following its onset, cable TV gained a pretty solid number of subscribers across the country and by 1952 that number had reached an impressive 14,000! Fast-forwarding it to the late 90’s and early 2000’s, cable TV began to get more advanced and now, in 2019, it has reached a point where all the content that could only be viewed on cable TV once, can be accessed in any part of the world, on any device within our reach.

Anyways, instead of discussing its history let’s talk about what many don’t know about TV, i.e. pertinent facts! The TV has a number of interesting facts that we are sure you didn’t know of, until now:

    1. The inventor of TV, Philo T. Farnsworth never allowed his own kids to watch TV. Bizarre how he believed that television contained no important information, although he was the one who created it in the first place! Also, he once told his son there is nothing on TV that is worth watching rather everything on it will waste his time and won’t prove advantageous for his intellect.
    2. During the Super Bowl, the advertisement spots on television are sold at a very high rate. That is generally because of the higher visibility and number of impressions during peak hours, which brands all across the world strive for. In 2008, the world’s most expensive advertisement spot, which was 30 seconds in duration, was sold for $2.7 million! Yes, let that sink in. That advertisement aired during the Super Bowl broadcast and it is believed to be one of the costliest airtimes ever sold to a brand for advertisement purposes.
    3. Britain’s Top Gear is known as the most viewed TV show in the world (It’s okay, we were also thinking it’d be Friends, but turns out it isn’t!) The show was broadcasted first in 2002 and is estimated to have a weekly audience of 350 million. The show was initially aired in 50 countries only but as it kept gaining popularity, the number of countries went from 50 to 170!
    4. This one’s got to be our favorite one yet. People have dreams similar to what they see in actual life, i.e. in color. However, back when TV was black and white, people claimed their dreams were also black and white. Strange, right?
  1. The British Queen has finally decided to jump onto the bandwagon 50 years after her first-ever public address on British TV by starting off her own YouTube channel. That’s right! The Queen has her own YouTube channel and will post a rant if things don’t go her way (pun intended).
  2. In 1970, Sony introduced VCRs which could record TV shows so people would watch them later, as many times as they pleased. However, things didn’t seemingly go how Sony had planned and the tech giant was sued by film production companies for copyright infringement. Although things primarily seemed like not going in favor of Sony, the company was soon met with a surprise when the US Supreme Court supported Sony and called off the case.
  3. Who would have thought crime dramas would do much more than just providing entertainment? Apparently, there is this thing known as CSI effect. Thanks to these crime dramas, jurors have now been able to broaden their techniques which allow them to solve crimes at a better rate.
  4. It is estimated almost 1 billion people watched Elvis Presley’s live performance on January 14, 1973.
  5. The first-ever television commercial was aired in 1941 and had a duration of 20 seconds. It was a clock ad that was aired during a game between Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies.
  6. 99% of American homes own a television and 66% among these have at least 3 televisions in their household.
  7. Every year, Americans consume almost 250 billion hours of television content.

Television is nonetheless an important part of every household, not only in the US but all over the world. It is all due to the conventional cable TV that we are now able to enjoy internet connectivity, digital telephone services and online content streaming, altogether. Although with all the progress that is rapidly being made in the content streaming realm, cable TV is losing its value and the number of people once subscribed to it has reduced dramatically. According to broadcastingcable.com, Americans watch 8 hours of TV content in a day and these statistics will only increase in the future thanks to the online content streaming platforms, which have made heaps and heaps of TV content available in just a few clicks. This, in particular, is the reason why the number of cable TV subscriptions is lowering every day and people are cutting the cord at a rapid pace.

Making a decision as impactful as canceling a cable TV subscription must have a solid reason behind it. Maybe they didn’t have Spectrum TV as their cable service provider. With their 125+ HD channels and 10,000+ TV shows and movies, the idea of canceling cable TV subscriptions wouldn’t even cross anyone’s mind.