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C5 Medical Tablet PCs for Health-care Personnel announced by Intel and Motion Technologies

C5 Medical Tablet PC by Intel and Motion Yesterday, Intel announced that it had teamed up with tablet computer maker, Motion Computing, and together they plan to create a notepad-like device that will make it easier for medical personnel to handle electronic medical records. So what does this mean for healthcare users? Well, for starters doctors and nurses will have no need for clipboards and paper files, as Intel’s notepad-like device operates just like an electronic patient file.

The C5, manufactured by Motion Computing is based on Intel’s mobile clinical assistant platform. It will allow health care personnel to remotely access patient records and immediately enter in new patient information.

The C5 is an easily disinfected device that offers wireless connectivity, Bluetooth technology and a digital camera. These devices will help to capture a patient’s vital signs. Moreover, the C5 is rugged enough to withstand spills and drops.

It is interesting to know that the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center had teamed up with Intel for the development of the C5 medical tablet PC.

In fact, it was on February 20 itself, that the final pilot testing of the C5 took place. The C5 weighs 1.4g and runs Windows XP Pro Tablet Edition. It also features a 10.4-inch screen, and runs on an Intel 1.2 GHz Core Solo processor.

Besides, one also has the option of purchasing a charging dock for $350, which can be placed on a de4sk or even on a wall. These C5 tablet PCs already come with voice and handwriting recognition capabilities. In fact, the C5 tablet PC included a special handwriting module for recognizing medical terms.

Then, the C5 Medical tablet PC is also stamped with a built-in bar code and RFID reader for patient or pharmaceutical identification, as well as a fingerprint reader for increased security if warranted.

According to Scott Ball, manager of Motion’s Canadian operations said, “We think we’re going to bridge a lot of the gap between the traditional PC cart-mounted device and what doctors want to carry around.”

The C5 medical tablet PC from Intel and Motion will be available in June for a price of $2599 from reseller partners and independent health-care software vendors.