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Business Fiber Provides High Bandwidths For Future-Proof Organizations

fiber optics At a time that online business is becoming more and more important, fast and reliable internet is essential to any business’ success. Consequently, bandwidth demand is growing rapidly in all industries, both today and in the years to come. This development requires a solid network which can safely grow as data needs arise. Ultimately, this growth can only be obtained by business fiber optics.

Exponential growth in data requirements

Many industries around the world are taking full advantage of digital technology, for example digital learning, remote care and online government services. This way of doing business will soon become the standard for many organizations. The question is not whether the demand for bandwidth will increase, but rather at what speed.

Nowadays more than 5 billion people use data every day. By the time we hit the year 2025 this number will be 6 billion, which is 75% of all world population. In 2025 each connected person will have at least one interaction with data every 18 seconds. Many of these interactions are created by the billions of IoT devices connected worldwide which will, as is expected by then, generate more than 90 Zettabyte worth of data. For IT managers, this represents a new direction in the design of the existing IT environment within the company.

Business fiber optic speed can reach up to 100 Gbit/s

A few years ago, network connections with speeds of 100 Gb / s were reserved for only a few large organizations. The need for such speeds was also small. In the meantime, the growth in data requirements has resulted in a greater demand for fast internet connections. With business fiber optic, you have total control over the maximum bandwidth. Simultaneously with the grow of your data needs, you can easily and safely increase your bandwidth capacity.

In the current business market, requests of 10 Gbit/s are already very common. With customized solutions, fiber optic connections of up to 100 Gbit/s are even possible. These ultra-fast speeds ensure not only the required bandwidth, but also optimal connectivity for users.

The highest possible business guarantees

The growing demand for fast internet goes hand in hand with high standards of network quality, reliability, and security. To be fully ensured of the continuity of your data traffic, a number of things must be arranged.

Redundancy in the network

Now that every organization is increasingly dependent on access to digital resources, more and more importance is placed on the highest possible uptime (availability) of the network during the year. Redundancy in the network itself and in the connections with organizations are a prerequisite when it comes to reliability and security. This makes it possible to switch connections immediately in the event of a calamity. In many cases, even without the users noticing this.

Service Level Agreements

In addition to the fact that the internal and external processes and procedures must be in order in the event of network connectivity failure, the agreements (Service Level Agreements, SLAs) with the various IT suppliers – from data centers to cloud providers – are important. It clearly describes what you can expect from your supplier in the event of unexpected downtime. A Service Level Agreement should include describe response and recovery time or, if applicable, refunds to be paid.

Without good connectivity, digitization has no chance of success. Organizations are strongly advised to carefully look for the right providers and the right network connections with the highest possible guarantees. These connections are ultimately the fuel for all processes. Anyone who has this complete picture in order can assume that he has done everything to ensure business continuity and is fully future-proof.