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‘Build Your Own’ Search Engine with the Yahoo! Search Builder

Yahoo! Search Builder screenshot

Yahoo has introduced a Search Builder tool for producing customized search engines based on a select group of websites or certain search constraints. Yahoo’s new service is created to compete with personal search upstarts including Eurekster and Rollyo.

Users can define what websites their search engine should search, or utilize Yahoo’s entire index. Yahoo! News sources can also be included. In addition, searches can be filtered by including a specific term or excluding keywords.

Yahoo! Search Builder does not cater to individuals; instead, it creates code that can be easily incorporated into a website. According to Yahoo! Search developer Lingxian Ding, “You also have control over the look and feel of the search box and search results page. Voila! Instant search engine!”

Yahoo’s new service furthermore offers tools for studying search traffic. A “popular search” module shows the top searches being performed, while user and traffic reports help track growth.

Yahoo! Search Builder rules

“Now, whether you have a blog or website about diving, gaming, crafting, or anything in between you can create a search engine tailored for your users,” said Ding. “We look forward to your comments and feedback. Let us know what new features you would like us to add.”

Yahoo did not reveal whether it plans to share advertising revenue from the custom search engines with websites that integrate them. Eurekster is already offering such an opening to its users.