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Buffalo Wi-Fi Gamers (WCA-G) coming to India in November end

Buffalo Wi-Fi Gamers Device Buffalo has just announced the gaming-centric Buffalo Wi-Fi Gamers (WCA-G) device that allows gamers to remain independent of a PC for Internet connections, offering them a hassle-free platform for online and wireless gaming.

Using this device, gamers will be able to very simply access online gamers just with the push of a button. In fact, it integrates Buffalo’s AirStation One-Touch Secure System that provides an instant Internet connection, stores security settings, and enables devices to link without any hassles.

The best part is that Buffalo’s Wi-Fi Gamers device is compatible with Nintendo Wii, DS, DS Lite, Sony PSP and Sony PS3 consoles.

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According to Morikazu Sano, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing at Buffalo, “We wanted to give a wireless gaming experience to the users with the high performance abilities. Users need not take manual steps for establishing a secure wireless connection and it does save the security key for you after the first entry, so that users can just start their game.”

The Buffalo Wi-Fi Gamers (WCA-G) is roughly the size of a playing cards box. This device plugs into an available port on an existing LAN, and once connected users will be ready to connect to the Internet just by following a few steps. After pressing the corresponding AOSS button on the Wi-Fi Gamers device and gaming console screen, gamers will then be able to immediately and securely play games online.

The Wi-Fi Gaming device also manages different levels of support security ranging across different gaming consoles.

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Moreover, this device features an embedded LCD monitor that shows the current set up status, the status of AOSS, wireless network and connection status. Other features include Wireless Channel Display, Auto Channel Selection, Manually Change Wireless Channel, Show Connected Devices and a Firmware Upgrade.

Buffalo’s Wi-Fi Gamers (WCA-G) will be available in November-end for a price of Rs.2,400 and is backed by a limited two-year warranty.

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