Buffalo Ultraman and Rei Ayanami USB Drive – Can it get any Cuter?

Buffalo Ultraman and Rei Ayanami USB Drive

After the unique shape of Snowflake design USB, here is an USB drive which will make you go weak on your knees. The USB drives from Buffalo present themselves in cute and tiny form which is too good to look at. Buffalo presents its adorable characters in their USB drives which are Ultraman and Rei Ayanami.

The limited edition USB Drive offers a storage space of 2GB which is quite sufficient for a casual user. Buffalo offers only 3000 of these unique pieces, so grab on to one of the pieces before it’s sold out. The USB plug opens up from the rear of the character. The character’s legs can me moved to make it sit down, so it looks like the character is sitting on your computer or laptop’s USB port.

The Ultraman shows off his orange suit, whereas Rei Ayanami shows her blue headgear which is something one cannot miss. This cute looking piece of technology is available for sale already, but there is no clarity on its pricing as yet.