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Buffalo MediaStation Blu-ray HD DVD announced in India

Buffalo Logo Buffalo has introduced its first external Blu-ray HD DVD player named MediaStation Blu-ray HD DVD (BRHC-6316U2) in the Indian market. The new player does not only play Blu-ray discs but also writes Blu-ray content. The player also plays HD DVD content.

The new BRHC-6316U2 player from Buffalo can also be connected to the notebook or any other mobile device through USB, to enjoy the content while on the go.

The MediaStation Blu-ray HD DVD possesses a stylish black exterior adding an elegant addition to any home entertainment PC.

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“Consumers are increasingly implementing either High-Definition or Blu-ray content into their digital lives – from TV sets, to camcorders to audio content,” said Morikazu Sano, VP global Sales and Marketing. “The MediaStation Blu-ray HD DVD offers users the best of both worlds and supports our customers’ various needs, while providing unmatched flexibility, giving users the ability to watch and save their favorite movies, videos or data at home or on the road.”

Moreover, the MediaStation Blu-ray HD DVD player comes along with Nero’s proven software for playback and burning, which allows seamless integration with all recent versions of Microsoft Windows.

Buffalo’s MediaStation Blu-ray HD DVD player will be available in the Indian market from May 2008 at the price of 45,000.

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