Brightonnet BI-IPEN for the iPod and the iPhone

Brightonnet BI-IPEN iPhone and iTouch users will rejoice with the introduction of a stylus pen for their sleek gadgets. The Brightonnet BI-IPEN is specially made for the iPhone and the iTouch iPods and promise protection for the screens.

The Brightonnet BI-IPEN uses a special resin which ensures that the liquid crystal in the touchscreen does not get harmed in any manner. The pen will reduce the ugly fingerprints as well and give the user a hassle-free usage of their phone and iPod. The device also incorporates a spring-like action which will enable the user to easily use the drag and drop functions on their screens.

Since the iPhone and iTouch do not respond to the standard stylus and only respond to the touch of a human hand, the Brightonnet BI-IPEN comes as a great utility item to these gadgets. The price or availability of the Brightonnet BI-IPEN still remains a mystery.

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