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BPL Mobile Olympics @Cafe Service to Offer 2008 Olympic Games Updates

Olympics Cafe

Olympics, one of the biggest sporting events in the world is approaching. Not only sportsmen and players but the whole world is getting ready for the upcoming event to be held at Beijing. BPL Mobile today announced the Olympics @Cafe service for sports enthusiasts.

With the latest Olympics @Cafe service, BPL subscribers will be able to follow vital information regarding event including schedules, medal tallies, news, action-packed pictures, trivia, profiles of sportspersons, records made and the previous ones broken etc. Subscribers can easily access this information on the BPL Mobile WAP portal, atcafe.bplmobile.com.

Commenting on the very essence of bringing Beijing Olympics on the BPL Mobile phone, Sunzay Passari, VP – VAS and Devices said, “This is one more initiative to deliver exciting & compelling content under the @cafe platform. Our subscriber feedback quite clearly articulates the need for content focused on sports, music, fun and entertainment. At BPL Mobile we are therefore committed to providing a variety of content that will deliver a better experience for our subscribers. Bringing the Beijing Olympics to your mobile phone is yet another step in this direction”

That’s not it, BPL Mobile in association with Mobile ESPN is also bringing wide range of content on Olympics @cafe. BPL subscribers can participate in exciting polls and contests. User can also download theme wallpapers, lively animations, picture of the day etc.

Furthermore, Indians@Beijing section is also created especially for Indian sports fans. This new section will update Olympics fans with sports such as Hockey, Tennis, Shooting, Wrestling, etc. along with analysis on India’s medal prospects in various sports like archery, athletics, shooting, tennis, etc. in Olympics. This segment will also throw light on analysis on Indian Athletes at the Olympics.