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Bose AE2 Review: Around ear headphones with a comfortable fit

Bose AE2 Headphones

Seemingly, Bose likes its closet organized, enabling consumers to pick the right product from the right corner. Moving towards its headphones compartment, one could easily reach out to the various categories like in ear (IE), on ear (OE) and around ear (AE). From its vast collection, the Bose AE2 have gladly jumped out of Bose’s wardrobe and reached our desks. The AE also called TriPort has definitely moved a step ahead to emerge out as the AE2. These aren’t noise cancellation headphones and come at a lower price comparatively. To know if you could pack this audio peripheral to grove to those peppy tunes or watch other content, read on this review of the Bose AE2 Audio Headphones.

The headphones came in a sizable black box, big enough to enclose the headphones. One could peep through a window carved on the box for a clear view of the flat folded earcups. The box also bears letterings showing the key features of the product. Inside it, the peripheral was securely tugged into a plastic casing. So we could lay our hands on the headphones on almost destroying the plastic case. The headphones were lying flat due to foldable earcups along with a couple of handy booklets and a detachable cable.

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The earcups of the Bose AE2 headphones take an oval shape while being cushioned on the inner side for a comfortable listening experience. Oozing a sophisticated look, the headphones’ cushions feature leather covering on the outside. Bose leaves its mark on each earcup with ‘BOSE’ etched in silver. Besides the logo, the rim of the earcups is painted silver while the rest of the peripheral goes all black. The inner speakers are covered with a netted cloth. The earcups are marked with Right and Left and the latter has been embedded with a 2.5mm port to attach a single cord cable. The single cord allows a clutter-free design. Though AE2 don’t possess the best in looks, the headphones appears good looking.

The headband attached to these earcups is adjustable, allowing users to extend it for the right fit. Apart from this, a peep behind the earcups and one will notice the detailed design further ensuring a comfort fit by adjusting the hinges of the headband. These flexible hinges further strengthen the comfort-fit factor. The topmost curve of the headband adorns the similar soft leather on the outer side while the same section shows a soft black cloth on the inner side. The springy neoprene is also one of the comfort adding factors.

Bose AE2

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To begin with, we appreciate the detachable cable as we’ve always preferred such mechanism for headphones as well as speaker systems. The cable is mostly the first thing to go weary and in such a case the Bose AE2 needs to replace just the cable and not the complete peripheral. The design not only allows easier portability but also utmost comfort. The earcups are cushiony and comfortable even for prolonged usage. We shared it with some folks at our end with different head types (no pun intended) and they could get the right fit by adjusting the headband appropriately. Moreover, it is extremely light in weight and you won’t be carrying a burden on your head while listening to audio, gaming or watching movies.

Now, the Bose AE2 aren’t really noise canceling ones but what you get is far better than some of the headphones we have seen in the past. We used it with our desktop PC, iPods and a few more media players. The sound quality did differ (obviously) but the overall emitted audio was good. Gaming was fun as the device offers a loud and clear output. Watching movies and videos was yet another delightful experience as dialogues were pristine enough.

As it is not inclusive of any noise cancellation feature, the sealed earcups do the needful which is good enough. There couldn’t be a better place to check its ambient noise reduction ability than our office premises during the lunch break. Amidst loud music and chatty employees, the Bose came out almost close to a winner. The plush headphones with full size earcups didn’t feel heavy even after hours of listening. Compared to its predecessor, the Bose AE2 has undergone a few sound enhancements too. The output is detailed, although the sound does get slightly harsh at times.

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The headphones come with a great design and comfortable fit.

The single detachable cord adds in a couple of advantages such as easy replacement and less clutter.

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Although the headphones aren’t precisely crafted for noise cancellation, its sealed earcups keep away ambient noise to a great extent.


At times, the audio could get slightly harsh.

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Our Shout


The Bose AE2 has been considerably upgraded from its predecessor, the AE. With enhanced sound quality and comfort fit, it is capable of keeping away the background noise. Though it doesn’t come with the noise cancellation feature, the AE2 is a good alternative and will cost you almost half the price comparatively. So, those who can’t reach Bose’s noise cancellation portfolio due to budget constraints can pick this peripheral at a much lower price. The AE2 has earned a rating of 8.5 out of 10. It can be picked at a price of Rs. 8,100.

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