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Bookmark Ninja review: Awesome bookmark manager!

Bookmark Ninja

Today we’re going to take a look at Bookmark Ninja, a tool that helps you manage and organize all your bookmarks for easy access. For those who are always on the internet, bookmarks are a requirement more than anything else. But a major problem is not having them at reach all the time. For instance, you might’ve bookmarked an excellent article you were reading at work to be able to read it later. When at home, you pull your phone out to start reading it again, only to realize that the bookmark is on the PC you use in the office.

There are many plugins and extensions that are helping you sync your bookmarks, but all of the ones we’ve tried have had several issues with their synchronizing capabilities. And then we had a go at Bookmark Ninja. We have to say, it’s the most efficient way to organize the stuff you read or watch online. Apart from its ability to provide easy access to your bookmarks, what makes this offering even more desirable are its search tools. Let’s delve deep into its features to learn more about it.

Bookmark Ninja Categories

We first put to test Bookmark Ninja’s cross device abilities. What works in the favor of this service is that it does not go for a fancy interface, and it doesn’t even have mobile apps. The way you can access it is right through your browser, be it your desktop or your smartphone. This adds a sense of rawness to the whole experience, and it’s logical as well since most of your reading happens inside the browser. All the bookmarks you make are instantly available across any device you sign in from. It’s a really pleasant experience to start reading something on your phone so instantly, that you had to earlier stop reading due to some interruption.

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But if there’s no mobile app, how will you add a bookmark to Bookmark Ninja from your smartphone? There’s an inventive way to do this, which the makers have come up with. You need to email the link of the page you want to save to add[at]bookmarkninja[dot]com from your registered email. Once that’s done, it will automatically get added to your list. If you wish to start using this service now, but are upset because you already have tons of bookmarks saved elsewhere, worry not! You can easily import all of them into this manager.

Bookmark Ninja

And now for the par that most impressed us about Bookmark Ninja – its ability to categorize and manage your bookmarks. Each time you add a new link, you have the option to place it in the right category. You can of course create your own category as well. That said, Bookmark Ninja can create different tabs for different workspaces. This way, you can have a set of bookmarks dedicated for your office or another dedicated to when you’re in the kitchen.

When you add a certain bookmark from the web, a popup window enables you to place it in the exact category and tab you wish to. Plus, you can even add tags to your bookmarks. This helps you sift through them easily when they’ve piled up into thousands and you’re just too lazy to delete the ones you don’t need. Special notes can also be added to a bookmark for later reference.

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Launched in October last year, Bookmark Ninja aims to add plenty of new features as time goes by. You can grab its benefits for free, but only for 30 days, after which the trial period ends. Following that, a fee of $23.88 will be charged annually, which brings its monthly price to just $1.99. That’s quite cheap for something that so easily and efficiently organizes your stuff.

Bookmark Ninja can be accessed through this link, if you wish to try it out now. And why not? It’s giving you free access to all its features for 30 days after all.