Bluetooth Cassette Tape Adapter – Plays using Bluetooth

Bluetooth Cassette Tape Adapter We have seen an MP3 player having the shape of a cassette, but now the device will not only play through the headset but also from the stereo of the car. The Bluetooth Cassette Tape Adapter plays using a Bluetooth device connected to it and delivers music via the cassette player.

The device connects using a Bluetooth device like a Bluetooth-enabled phone, which pairs up and plays through the deck. If you own a cassette tap player or deck, then this device will be a treat to the ears. The device gets its fuel from the car’s cigarette adapter.

The device may be apt for the car stereo which will get rid of all the old dusty cassettes and since it connects by Bluetooth, it will also play more songs dependent on the data store on the Bluetooth mobile phone.

At a price of just $35, the Bluetooth Cassette Tape Adapter is a great buy for those who still love the classic old pieces of stereo systems.