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#16 Bloxburg House Ideas For Killer Mansion

Unique Bloxburg House Ideas Are you hungry for some of the best Bloxburg house ideas for your next mansion in 2021? We’ve gathered together a comprehensive list of builds to fit all kinds of in-game budgets and most don’t even require a game pass.

One of the biggest hits on Roblox, Welcome to Bloxburg is a Sims-like game set in the fictional town of Bloxburg. Players can take inspiration from the best build ideas and design the mansion of their choice, provided they have the cash to spare.

# Bloxburg House Idea List:

In this guide, we have some great Bloxburg houses by the community’s most prolific designers. There’s something for every kind of preference in this roster, from builds with big windows to bedrooms upstairs to stylish bathroom spaces to interesting kids room designs to interior balcony constructs and much more.

#1 – Colonial House

No Game Pass Colonial House Kicking off this roster with a no-gamepass modern build with colonial architecture from YouTuber Anix, this structure features a fountain outside the entryway and off-white brick walls, this colonial house conveys a sense of history and class.

Boasting a rich interior of four bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, and a wide living room connected with beige-colored wooden flooring, the house costs around 65k. You can even add a garage and still be left with enough space for the interiors.

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#2 – One-story Family Mansion

Having ample space in any of your Bloxburg houses for an entire family takes some planning and in-game money as well. Here’s where a gorgeous one-story family mansion from YouTuber aurphiia comes in.

With four different bedrooms, an office, and a backyard, this 115k mansion more than meets the expectations of a 4- to 5-member family.

Modern House Bloxburg If you want your own house to have the porch shown in the tutorial, you’ll need to purchase the basement game pass.

Every other feature of this beautifully designed house such an indoor swimming pool and a lovely driveway can be yours without any gamepasses.

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#3 – Lapis Lakehouse

Our next candidate is a luxurious creation from the mind of YouTuber d3scribe. This gorgeous lakehouse is right out of a dream and features indulgent interiors and tasteful furniture.

Lapis Lakehouse
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No less than a castle, it houses multiple rooms, wide corridors, a massive kitchen, and even a piano. Built as a holiday retreat, d3scribe left no stone unturned to build a mansion that has no room for regret.

The serene surroundings allow you to relax in your dream build while reflecting on your journey ahead.

#4 – Aesthetic Loft

Are you the artistic type, and will not settle for anything other than a loft? Then this black and white themed aesthetic loft from Cxmilla is the perfect style for you.

You’ll need access to the multiple stories game pass to build the roomy loft that combines the different rooms sch as the living space, dining room and kitchen.

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The feature that stands out in this build is its unique black and white theme and how it manages to stay classy while being minimalistic.

#5 – Modern Zen Mansion

If traditional eastern architecture is your vibe, then this Japanese Zen-inspired mansion from aesthetrix will knock your socks off.

Modern Zen Bloxburg House You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything missing in this 520k build. Although you need multiple game passes like Advanced placement, Basement, and Multiple floors, the result is one of the coolest ever house ideas.

Among its most notable features are its cantilevered deck–covered swimming pool and a marvelous sunroof. The living area is generous in size and tastefully connected to its multiple rooms, as you can see from the video.

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#6 – Cheap Modern House

If you’re looking for cheap house ideas to equip your virtual space with large bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and bathrooms, then this starter villa by YouTuber iSkY will be perfect for you.

Not requiring any gamepass, and costing only around 10k Bloxbux, this is among the most affordable yet cute house ideas.

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A single-story mansion with sharp lines, it includes large windows and features a fairly decent structural layout even at its low price tag.

#7 – Luxurious Modern Mansion

Luxury Modern Bloxburg House If budget is not a constraint and you can purchase game pass items, then a luxury dwelling complete with a laundry room and mini movie hall might be the one to suit your style. Arixlla has a great tutorial showing a multi-story mansion with no expense spared.

Featuring everything covering a foyer, a dining room, a large kitchen, a laundry room, 3 bathrooms, 6 bed rooms, walk-in closets, and even a cinema, you can expect to wow your guests every time you host them.

YouTube video

The architecture is delightfully modern and perfectly complemented by the minimalist design language.

#8 – Hillside Mansion

Do you think a personal waterfall and a fireplace make for great decorations in a family house situated among the hills? Then Cylito has a hillside mansion you’re sure to love.

Costing 188k, the hillside mansion with a massive open area can probably not be called ‘budget’ but it’s well worth the investment you make.

YouTube video

With seven bedrooms in a palatial plot area and a waterfall to call your own, this elegant home definitely stacks up among the best Bloxburg houses out there.

#9 – Budget Mini House

No Gamepass Mini House Perhaps you’re not in the mood for grand statement houses and are instead looking for a small and charming mini mansion. Well, you’re in luck. We bring you a no-gamepass, 12k budget mini house from YouTuber iichxrryii.

Having one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area, this lovely build also features shuttered windows, a front garden area, and a pretty bench as the sitting area.

YouTube video

It’s a mix of botanical and cozy house theme ideas and perfectly maxes out your money’s worth. At 12k, it’s one of the least expensive builds you can try your hand at.

#10 – Lakeside Cherry Blush Mansion

YouTuber Winter_Lillies wanted to build a mansion that had it all. What she ended up building took a considerable investment of time and money, but you can argue that the lakeside cherry blush mansion was worth it.

Inspired by the charming and popular cherry blossom theme, this house idea is both deeply personal and extravagant at the same time.

YouTube video

With five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large carport, and a massive open area, it stands apart due to its opulence. You’ll need to have the multiple stories game pass for this one though.

#11 – Mid-century Modern House

When it comes to choosing a design theme for any of your Bloxburg houses, mid-century architecture is one of the coolest ones you can go with.

Graced with a small water body outside the entrance, this dream home from YouTuber Ayria features 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a spacious garage.

YouTube video

You don’t need any game passes to build this great modern house and it won’t cost you more than 53k either. The interiors are beige-colored and the layout of the build is intelligently done.

#12 – Modern Elegant Family Home

You might feel the need, time and again, to own a pad that meets all your requirements and paints a picture of elegance as well. This elegant family home does just that.

From YouTuber Anix again, this candidate in our list is a remarkably cheap build.

YouTube video

With no advanced placement called for, the only gamepass you need is for building multiple stories. What you’re getting is a beautiful garage, a landscaped garden, 2 bed rooms, 2 bathrooms each, a dining area, and even a loft.

#13 – Soft Autumn House

As far as Autumn-inspired modern houses go, this creation from YouTuber iKotori has one of the best aesthetics. Complete with a backyard for parties and a garden for enjoying nature, this house is ideal for those who’re looking for a relaxed but luxurious living space.

It isn’t some cheap modern home. Costing more than 102k, it needs multiple stories and advanced placement gamepasses. You will love the choice of materials used and the design language chosen.

YouTube video

With 3 bed rooms and 2 bathrooms, this soft autumn house has something for everyone.

#14 – Blush Pink House

Here is another cherry-themed Bloxburg house, but it doesn’t cost a bomb to build. From Cylito, this blush modern mansion costs around 30k and delivers much more in terms of the return on investment.

The pink color aesthetic never gets too loud since it’s offset with light grey tones. It gives this amazing house a charming personality.

YouTube video

Fans of the cherry blossom theme can consider this option if they’re looking to spend less money on an outstanding build.

#15 – Simple Townhouse

There’s beauty in simplicity. If you agree, then this simple townhouse from YouTuber Jetsicar could be the build for you.

Costing only around 29k, the multi-story townhouse has enough room for a small family.

YouTube video

With 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, and a garage, this compact yet comfortable house could be a great idea for your next build.

#16 – Super Mega Modern Mansion

If an affordable price is your last priority, then this super mega family home from willXR is a great example of good house designs you can create in the game.

One of the coolest things to build in Bloxburg, this ultra-modern and uber-luxury mansion has every possible indulgence you can think of – a personal waterfall, five grand floors, not one bedroom, but 7 of them, a staggering 11 bathrooms, and a garage that can accommodate up to 8 cars.

YouTube video

It does cost more than 1.2 million though and requires multiple gamepasses. If you’re planning to spend that much, don’t forget to peer down at the plebs from a large window or two as you smugly sip some chilled champagne, after you’re done constructing it.

Wrapping up

And that’s all we have for this list of great Bloxburg house ideas. The sheer number of choices you can make in Roblox Bloxburg are mind-boggling. We have tried to share the best picks from the countless designs the community has come up with.

We hope you liked these ideas and will be able to take inspiration from them for your next mini mansion.