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Blow to Windows Phone 7 users: No Skype support in the future

Windows Phone 7 users have been told quite a subtle way by Microsoft, that Skype updates will no longer be making their way to their device. The OS’ successor, Windows Phone 8 has been out in the open for just about a year, and the company has already decided to start cutting cords with its precursor. The instant messaging and video chatting service is one of the main products on Microsoft’s, and through a message on its official blog, the PC giant has conveyed that it is the focus on Windows Phone 8 which has led to this decision having being taken.

Stressing on the progress that Skype has managed to achieve over the last few years, its makers have spoken of the many new features that the software has gained on different platforms. For Windows 8, Snap has been introduced, allowing you to continue with your work on the PC while video chatting with someone. For the upcoming Xbox One console, Group Video Calling has been showcased, whereas the chat option has been pushed into Outlook.com.


Among all this, Windows Phone 7 is bearing the brunt as its successors have been said to be main focus of Microsoft at the moment. Not a lot of devices still run WP7 but their owners are bound to be disappointed at this announcement. Updates and improvements which they’ll probably see being deployed on other devices won’t be released for their phones.

The app however, will still be made available on the Windows Phone Store to download for free. Read the company’s entire message here.