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Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go Speaker System launched in India

Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go

Audio specialists Blaupunkt have launched the Velocity 2Go hi-fi sound speaker system series in India. It combines a stereo system and subwoofer in a stylish enclosure and can be used virtually anywhere.

Available in two models Velocity 2Go5 and Velocity 2Go6, it offers a rich bass foundation as an active subwoofer in the car and yet guarantees a rich base foundation at home.

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Further, when outdoors, you can also use the Velocity 2Go as a battery-operated portable sound system. It is even good in offices or even in an auditorium.

Mr. Ajay Sahney, Country Head – Car Multimedia (Blaupunkt), India, commented on the launch of this product saying, “Velocity 2Go redefines portability and is not only a new product from Blaupunkt but a new concept for consumers. In today’s environment characterized by consumers on the move, we believe that Velocity 2Go will find ready acceptance in the country.”

The Velocity 2Go speaker system is built using high-grade materials, ensuring outstanding performance and durability.

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The Velocity 2Go 5 version has a 130mm speaker chassis with a frequency range between 50 and 25,000 Hertz. It is perfect for cars, whereas the Velocity 2Go 6 version has a 165mm speaker with frequency range between 40 and 25,000Hertz.

Both eth above mentioned versions of Velocity 2Go comes with a power cord, a short AUX-input cable, fastening belts and a MultiPort connection for the car. An optional QuickOUt car dock costs Rs.5250.

The Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go 5 costs Rs.24,500, while the Velocity 2Go6 is available for Rs.28,500.

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