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How To Make A Blast Furnace In Minecraft [And How To Use It]

How To Make Blast Furnace In Minecraft Searching for the elusive Minecraft Blast Furnace recipe? Look no further, fellow miners. You’ve arrived at the right place. Whether you want to turn on the heat and smelt away your hard-mined store of metal or turn old gear back into iron ingots, the blast furnace has your back. That too, at twice the speed of a regular furnace.

If you are trying to tighten your resource strings, you can try looking for this nifty utility block at an armorer house in a village. But remember, not all armorer houses may have a blast furnace in Minecraft. If you come across one in the game, give it a few hits with your pickaxe behind the armorer’s back and it is yours to keep.

On the other hand, if you are a noble soul who believes thievery is a sin even if it’s just in-game, just learn how to craft the blast furnace in Minecraft from scratch. It’s simple enough. Keep in mind, it can only smelt ore blocks, select tools and armor. It does not cook food.

While the item smelts ores at twice the speed, there’s one valuable thing that it prevents you from gaining. Do you know what that is?

Minecraft Blast Furnace Recipe – Items Needed

Iron Ore

To create a blast furnace in Minecraft, you need the following resources –

  1. One Regular Furnace
  2. Three Pieces of Smooth Stone
  3. Five Iron Ingots

To make a furnace, approach your crafting table and place eight pieces of cobblestone in the 3×3 crafting menu, with three each in the top and bottom rows of your crafting menu and the remaining two coming on either side in the second row, leaving only the middle square vacant.

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You can get smooth stone by cooking cobblestone in a furnace twice. First, it will get converted into a stone block. Smelt it again, and you have your smoothstone. Another way to get it is to use a silk enchanted pickaxe to mine stone. This would directly add the item to your inventory.

Obtaining even one iron ingot can get a bit tricky, since raw iron isn’t easy to come across. We’ve been able to find the most iron ore between levels y = 13 and y = 17, and y = -49 to y = -56 in Minecraft 1.18. Since the Minecraft 1.19 update, iron seems to be available in plenty in level 7.

If you are really lucky, you can stumble upon the raw ore or nuggets in caves, ravines, sunken ships, chests in villages or abandoned structures and so on.

Subterranean Caves Strip mining the underbelly of Minecraft’s Overworld starting from wherever you’re standing takes time, but is the safest way to find ore. If you’re totally new to the game, all you have to do is build a basic house from rock, wood or terracotta blocks to keep your valuables, and then start digging into the ground from within the safety of your dwelling.

Don’t forget to put down trap doors so you can close off your mining area every time you exit your basement.

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You will need a stone pickaxe or one of higher quality to mine any ore. Wood pickaxes are simply not cut for this job and won’t drop certain items even when they do break up blocks. After the Caves & Cliffs update, a pickaxe enchanted with Fortune increases the chances of getting more than one raw iron per ore block.

Once you have enough iron ore, just throw it in your furnace with wood or coal for fuel and voila, your ingots are ready to go. If you strike gold (the proverbial one), and chance upon a treasure chest filled with iron nuggets, you can also craft one ingot by combining nine of these nuggets in the crafting menu.

Did you know blast furnaces came to the magical Overworld of Minecraft in early 2019 in the very aptly titled Village & Pillage update?

How To Make A Minecraft Blast Furnace

Crafting Recipe Now that we have all the required ingredients for a blasting furnace, it’s time for the main show. To craft a blast furnace in Minecraft, go the the crafting table. Now open the crafting grid and follow these steps –

  1. Put three smooth stones in the bottom row of your crafting menu.
  2. Your furnace goes plonk in the middle of the crafting grid.
  3. Fill up the top row and the remaining two boxes in the second row of your crafting area with five precious iron ingots.
  4. Sit back with tears in your eyes, admiring your handiwork.

You can use it to smelt ore, tools and armor at twice the rate, but it will yield only about half the experience. You will get more experience when you smelt the same items in a normal furnace. 

How To Use A Blast Furnace In Minecraft

Smelting Ores Quickly There are fewer things that are easier in this game than understanding how to use a the item.

  1. Pull out your inventory, and select the equipment in question.
  2. Choose the item you want to smelt and place it in the top-left box.
  3. Your fuel goes into the bottom-right square. Since blast furnaces work at double the rate, they also consume fuel at double the speed. But the amount of fuel used for smelting the same quantity of an item remains the same.
  4. Now, just like you, your blast furnace is in the ‘Lit’ mode. You will see the smelted item appear in the box on the right.
  5. Select ‘Use Item’ to put the smelted item in your inventory. Or just click on it to pick it up.

Just like with a regular furnace, you can use hoppers to transfer items in and out of your blast furnace in Minecraft.

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Frequently Asked Questions –

1. How to make Smooth Stones for the blast furnace recipe in Minecraft?

Making Smooth Stone When you smelt cobblestone in a furnace, you get a stone block. Give this another smelting to get your smooth stone.

2. What does a blast furnace do in Minecraft?

You can use a blast furnace in Minecraft to smelt items like ore blocks, old gear, tools and armor. How is it different from a furnace, you ask? It smelts at twice the speed, but gives only half the experience.