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8 BlackBerry Weather Apps

BlackBerry Weather Apps

A list of BlackBerry weather apps has especially been put together for all you RIM users who’ve fallen prey to bad and unpredictable weather conditions. And we assure you that these applications will always keep you informed about the climatic conditions in advance. So whether you’re planning a trip or simply leaving for work, the following applications will ensure you are never left standing in the rain.

1 – BeWeather:


A visually stunning application, BeWeather comes in handy if you wish to know what the climate will be like in the next hour, 24 hours or even the entire week. While the animated radar maps are limited to the US, the application brings weather forecasts from around the world to your fingertips.

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This ad-free software can be used to check out the conditions of not one or two, but as many as 10 locations at the same time. You can easily switch between 7 distinct views and find out the temperature, pressure, humidity, dew point and more as well.

Price: $9.99

2 – Weather App:

Weather App

Regardless of where you are on the globe, you can trust the next application on our array to bring the accurate climatic conditions. It asks you to punch in your home city and displays the information about the selected location every time you launch the application. You can also bookmark other places so that you don’t end up typing time and again. Besides weather forecasts for the next three days, it keeps you in the loop about the current temperature, humidity levels, wind speed and direction and more. Moreover, you can also determine the time at which you want this software to update information.

Price: $1.99

3 – XWeather:


Apparently, the fastest and the most accurate weather app, XWeather keeps you updated about the weather conditions in 10 cities. Besides English, the application understands Traditional Chinese and tags along a homescreen icon to display the current conditions. The customizable software gives you an option to change the themes, wallpaper, font and even the icon sizes and allows you to switch between views such as daily forecast, current forecast, wind forecast and more.

Price: Free

4 – WeatherPro:


Now although WeatherPro is meant especially for all you BlackBerry users in Europe, it is capable enough to let you know about weather conditions of places from all over the world. The tool proudly boasts of its ability to display the forecast for about 2 million locations, which is updated every three hours. Additionally, like most other apps of its ilk, this tool also offers access to the animated satellite images in most regions of Europe as well as the US.

Price: $4.99

5 – QuickWeather:


Yet another customizable app on our lineup, QuickWeather lets you be the judge of where on your homescreen it displays the current weather conditions. While most other similar applications are limited to certain number of locations, the tool in question lets you save as many regions as you wish, which can easily be deleted too. Those of you in the US can view animated radar of different types such as storm relative motion, one-hour precipitation, composite reflectivity, base reflectivity and more.

Price: $1.99

6 – The Weather Network:

The Weather Network

If you want to save yourself the hassles of updating your current location in order to obtain the relevant weather forecast, The Weather Network could be the application you crave. The developers of this software call it a reliable source that helps you plan your day with detailed climatic information either on hourly basis, short term or long term forecasts. Severe weather alerts are in place for the US and Canada along with radar maps. You can select the auto-locate option for the homescreen icon if the device you are using runs BlackBerry 6 OS or higher. If not, then you can simply save the location to receive updates.

Price: Free

7 – The Weather Channel:

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel has proven its worth on a number of other platforms including the iOS, as we had mentioned in our catalog, and that’s exactly why we think it deserves a mention on our queue of apps as well. Apart from detailed conditions, forecasts and radar maps, it also tells you about airport delays owing to the sudden bad weather.

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It lets you have a look at the current conditions from the address book or the calendar; and the severe weather alerts that the app sends you can easily be forwarded to friends.

Price: Free

8 – wettercom:


And the last weather application is the multilingual wettercom, that’s an app from the German website wetter.com. Although the radar maps of this application are only for BlackBerry users in Germany and other countries like Switzerland and Austria, people around the world can use it to acquire access to accurate forecasts for almost all cities across the globe. The clean software brings the current weather conditions as well as those of the next 7 days straight to your phone’s display.

Price: $6.99

Conclusion: We are pretty sure that the alternatives mentioned on our BlackBerry weather apps roster will prepare you for whatever Zeus and the rest of them have in store. And once you are done checking the forecast for today, drop in a comment below to share your views about these apps with us.