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BlackBerry to soon connect with iTunes application

iTunes+BlackBerry Research in Motion (RIM) surprises everyone at regular intervals with their innovation and the re-invention of themselves into a variety of arenas. Now this time RIM sets its eyes on capturing the iTunes application for their Smart BlackBerry Phones.

RIM is popularly known for these surprises like adding the IBM Lotus Collaboration Software to their phones and beefing up their smartphones with the Windows Live Services and now they pump up the compatibility of Apple’s iTunes for the BlackBerry devices. The popularity of Apple computers and other products has led RIM to come up with this unique idea.

The BlackBerry Bold will be the first to be treated with the iTunes application. The phone’s BlackBerry Media Sync software is designed in a manner where it will transfer the iTunes music files on to the Business-centric BlackBerry phone.

With the contemplation of the arrival of the 3G iPhone all mobile phone manufacturers and software companies are defining their territories and guarding their market space with the best of help from technology and innovation. There is no set date for the introduction of the combination of the two. Its only an eager wait that can quench our thirst as of now.