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BlackBerry Mini Keyboard shows Playbook some love

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard

With the launch of the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the PlayBook tablet, RIM seems to be showing off its watch-and-learn side. It’s clearly taken a few cues from the competition. This new accessory is said to deliver a desktop-like experience and is capable of lasting up to approximately 30 days on a single charge, which will obviously vary based on how users operate it.

Besides the peripheral’s keyboard offering, even presents itself as a convertible case and viewing stand. Not only does it aim to reduce the screen space hogged by the virtual keyboard, but also to provide users a more convenient and simpler way of navigating through their PlayBook tablet, like something we’d expect of a conventional notebook. The touchpad embedded onto this device comes with multi-touch support that should make accessing various features a breeze.

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The aforementioned attributes are said to work well with applications like the Citrix Receiver. Since the app delivers a Windows-like interface, users should be able to carry out operations such as simulate mouse clicks, employ 2-finger tap for right-click and scroll through pages as well as menus with 2-finger gesture swipes in up or down motions. To top it off, the accessory features 128-bit encryption for added security measures and an enhanced battery performance.

The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard price sums up to $119.99 and it’s available for purchase through the ShopBlackBerry.com website for select locations worldwide. Potential users in Canada can currently pre-order the device exclusively via The Source. Shipping details for the latter have not been disclosed.


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