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Bizarre iOS bug turns “I” into “A” with a symbol

iOS I Bug

Apple has come under fire from annoyed users faced with a weird bug that changes the letter “I” to “A[?]” on the native iOS keyboard. The problem has popped on both iOS 11.1 and iOS 11.0.3, as well as macOS.

The strange problem was first highlighted on Reddit where user TheCravin noted that 2 of their friends were suffering from the issue on their iOS 11.1-running iPhones. Typing the letter “I” instantly autocorrected it to a random operator character like “A”, “#”, or “!” followed by the Unicode character of a box with a question mark to indicate that the device couldn’t read the symbol.

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They later noticed a tweet where the person tried to type an “I,” but got saddled with the weird combination of characters instead. They copied the text and found that pasting the sentence fixed the problem. Apple has now confirmed that the issue exists and is suggesting a quick workaround till it squashes the bug permanently.

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First of all, the easiest way to avoid the problem is to disable predictive text altogether. If that’s not a viable option, Apple recommends heading to Settings, General, Keyboard, and Text Replacement. Users will then have to tap on the “+” symbol, input “I” in the phrase option, and type the lowercase “i” in Shortcut.

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It’s not a perfect fix, but it should do fine till Apple rolls out a permanent solution. The company hasn’t stated why it’s happening in the first place. It could have something to do with emoji as a weird “i” character has appeared under the frequently used emoji for affected users.