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BitTorrent Sync lets you encrypt folders now

BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent has rolled out a major update for Sync which introduces many new features to the popular peer-to-peer software. The biggest addition comes in the form of an option for encrypted folders.

BitTorrent Sync provides 3 types of keys for an encrypted folder depending on a user’s requirements. The Read-Write one lets others download and alter the content which has been stored. The Read-Only input allows peers to access and decrypt the files but doesn’t permit them to modify it. Finally, the Encrypted key only gives permission to receive the content.

The person who gets the data won’t be able to unlock it. For example, a promotional video which has been placed inside an encrypted Sync folder can be edited across multiple machines using the Read-Write key, sent to clients to view through the Read-Only one and stored securely as backup on a cloud service or NAS (networked storage device) device for offline access via the Encrypted input.

Version 2.3 of Sync also brings with it the ability to run the tool as a service on Windows. This could prove to be very useful as a user won’t have to be logged in for the software to run in the background. In good news for Android consumers who have Lollipop installed in their device, they’ll now be able to move data such as photos to and from their SD card.

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BitTorrent has also granted Linux patrons access to Selective Sync. The option lets them restrict downloads to what they need instead of the entire content of the folder. Note that this feature is only accessible by Pro subscribers of the software. Other changes to the platform include various bug fixes and redesigns.

You can download version 2.3 of BitTorrent Sync here.