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BitTorrent site Demonoid is back online, once again!


BitTorrent users all over the world have a reason to rejoice! Demonoid, one of the most popular BitTorrent website, is back online. The website had gone offline for a couple of months after receiving legal threats from Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA). But now Demonoid seems to be back online with its previous database intact and accepting new torrent uploads.

This is what was posted on the Demonoid website by the site admin:

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Since a few months ago, Deimos, the site administrator, lacks the necessary time to take care of the website, because of personal matters he’s been needing to attend to. For this reason, he has decided to leave the site staff. Before leaving, he assigned a new site administrator from among his friends to take care of the site. The old moderator team will continue helping with the site, unchanged. We will try to keep running everything just as it always has been. The trackers and website seem to be working properly, and should any issues arise, they will be taken care of as soon as possible. The site might be going on and offline over the next days as we work out any problems.

Lately, a lot of file sharing websites are facing legal trouble. Many anti-piracy organizations have been turning the heat on them. Demonoid is back but it remains to be seen how things will go from now on and as the site admin put it, ‘Welcome back, and enjoy your stay!’.

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