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BitTorrent Share goes social with unlimited file transfers

BitTorrent Share

With cloud service taking center stage amongst today’s storage mediums, developers of the P2P protocol and client, BitTorrent, plan to get in on the action with a weapon of their own that’s codenamed ‘Share’. At present, the application is in the early development stage and is already allowing users to transfer an unlimited amount of files, free of cost.

Instead of using FTP servers or subscribing to file sharing services, the Share application is based on the BitTorrent protocol through which transferring files is said to be more efficient. So here’s how it works – files are seeded through hosting computers for recipients to download. After which the company will also store content on its cloud-based servers for a limited time period only.

“Share is the culmination of over a year’s research into personal media sharing. We have always known that BitTorrent is one of the fastest ways to send or receive a large file. With today’s consumer cameras/video recorders producing stunning quality, traditional media sharing requires concessions. With Share, you don’t have to crop photos, reduce resolutions or cut video length to easily share something with your friends, family and colleagues. It’s much faster than traditional ‘cloud’ solutions and easy for anyone,” commented Shahi Ghanem, chief strategist, Share.

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Despite the time-frame drawback, the official BitTorrent blog states that users can upload any number of files in various sizes and qualities, even full HD movies. And to provide added security measures, content is sharable between a specific group or individuals and with an access limitation. Friends and other recipients are also allowed to provide feedback through comments in real-time.

The BitTorrent Share application is available for download through the Getshareapp website for free.