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BioShock on iPhone – True or False?

BioShock on iPhone

While we contemplate on the confirmation of availability of BioShock on PlayStation 3, the game is back in the news with Apple’s plan on inviting the game on their world-famous iPhone.

The iPhone which boasts about its Touchscreen and motion-sensor games, the introduction of the popular BioShock on this phone is going to be a combination of action with elegance of the iPhone which will make it better with the touchscreen and accelerometer included in the gameplay. The first-person shooter game involves fighting through powerful forces, cracking deadly security systems which are pumped with adventure and action. The game involves genetically modifying the body at various plasmid stations and an array of weapons which can be modified while the player walks through the City of Rapture.

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There is no specific date or confirmation received about the game’s arrival on the Apple iPhone, but it seems that we can await a lot of attraction and action with this spine-chilling game to land on the iPhone.

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