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Biojector Intradermal Drug Delivery Device: Needle-Free Flu Vaccination

Needle-Free Flu Vaccination

We have often dreaded the sight of the needle at the doctor’s dispensary, may it be during the childhood days or as adults. Now medical science and Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. of Tualatin, Oregon unveil the Biojector2000 intradermal injector which will be used as a flu vaccine delivery device for the young ones.

The device promises a needle-free drug delivery with its special technique of forcing liquid medication at high speed through a tiny orifice that is held against the skin. The device is yet going through the stages of study where it is based on prospective, phased, and randomized investigation for the safety and side-effects in infants.

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Dr. Bruce G. Weniger of CDC, U.S. principal investigator and sponsor of the study said, “We are hopeful this study will determine whether intradermal vaccination by needle-free jet-injector will be of practical use in young children, who are particularly vulnerable to influenza.” Adding, “If it works, developing country health officials would have additional options to better protect their populations against this serious disease.”

The intradermal spacer on the B2000 injector will provide an edge over the traditional methods of vaccination by delivering it in the most quick and simple way. The needle-free device will eliminate the risks involved with the needle form of vaccination, for instance re-use of syringes and improper disposal method used in many countries.

After the study is complete successfully, Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. plans on introducing this needle-free gadget and entering into agreements with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and veterinary companies.

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